6 Ways to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside

Do You want to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside? Errors are part of human nature! One of the most common silly mistakes people make is leaving the keys inside their cars after locking them.

When you’re in the middle of nowhere where you can’t get help, it’s even worse. 

There are some vehicles out there that can be unlocked even if the keys are left inside, so it’s not something to be concerned about. Jeep Cherokee is also on the list!

This article is definitely for you if you have ever been in situations like this with your favorite SUV. 

Here are five ways to unlock Jeep Cherokee with keys inside. If you accidentally lock your Jeep Cherokee, keep reading to save yourself hours of hassle and panic.

Is it possible to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside?

We need to know if it’s even possible to unlock a Jeep Cherokee before we can learn how. 

Yes, that’s right! In the event that you accidentally lock your Jeep Cherokee with the keys inside, you can unlock it. If you want to avoid damaging your car, you just have to follow the right steps.

What is the best way to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside?

Try the following steps first if you want to unlock your Jeep Cherokee that you locked with the keys inside:

  • You should try unzipping the side window of your Jeep Cherokee if it has a soft top. 
  • You can use a Slim Jim to open up the Jeep Cherokee’s door window if it has a hardtop.
  • When you insert the Slim Jim into the gap, you need to find a thin rod that helps connect the locking mechanism and the door handle.

It’s okay if your car doesn’t have a soft top, the window won’t open, or the Slim Jim doesn’t work. We have more elaborate plans in mind. Now let’s get to work!

You can do it in several ways. Here are a few of the most efficient ones to help you get back inside your Jeep Cherokee.

The use of a screwdriver

The process of opening a car with just a screwdriver is probably something you’ve seen before. Place the screwdriver on the lock where your car keys’ teeth go. By jiggling the screwdriver, you can now insert and remove it from the lock.

Slowly and carefully switch the blade of the screwdriver back and forth. In this process, you should also engage as many pins as possible.

The handle of the screwdriver should also be worked on. Work on multiple angles simultaneously while thrusting it in and out. 

As a result, you will be able to engage more pins than you would normally be able to. Therefore, using a screwdriver increases your chances of successfully breaking open a padlock.

The use of a tension wrench

Using a tension wrench, twist it just in the right direction. Locate the place on the lock where the teeth of the keys to your car would go. Put a rake in there. 

If you’ve never done this before, this part is entirely based on intuition. The rake must be twisted while being pulled and pushed out of the lock.

You must turn the tension wrench in the right direction at the same time.

You should be able to unlock your Jeep Cherokee spring lock in no time if you follow all of the above steps carefully and correctly.

In order to get the rake to click into the Cherokees locking mechanism, you need a little patience and time.

Making use of a hammer

Breaking open the Jeep Cherokee’s lock is easier than you might expect. Most Master Locks can be broken open with just a tiny little hammer. 

Using a small hammer is the simplest solution. To open a Master Lock, you need to tap on the side with a hammer.

To do this, you don’t need a combination or a key. It only takes a hammer and a few taps to break the padlock. Take care not to damage your Jeep Cherokee by using too much force.

The use of a credit card

A relatively simple tool can be used to accomplish this. You will only need your credit card. You can unlock the Jeep Cherokee’s interior door without a key by using a credit card on the spring lock. 

The credit card must be forced down between the Jeep’s frame and lock. By flushing the credit card against the frame, you can bend the frame back.

In this way, the lock will be forced to go back to the door, allowing the door to be opened. 

Try forcing the credit card between the structure above the lock of the car and, of course, the door of the vehicle if you cannot fit it between the frame and the lock.

You can do this quite easily if you have your wallet with you.

How to break into your Jeep Cherokee

It would be possible for you to break into your Jeep Cherokee if you accidentally locked the keys inside of it. Anyone who locks their keys in their car would think of this first if they were locked out of the car. 

The door of your car needs to be pried away from the hardtop. If you use something shaped like a wedge, the job will be easier. You can use a wood door stop, for example.

You will also need something that is at least a few feet long. The use of a metal coat hanger or even a yardstick is ideal. If you stick it in there, you should be able to hit the lock.

If you bend the door of your car when you are trying to pry it open, you won’t find it that difficult. The Jeep Cherokee will be successfully broken into if you follow these steps correctly.

What is the best way to cut open a padlock on your Jeep Cherokee?

With a few simple steps, you can easily cut open a padlock on your Jeep Cherokee if you don’t have the keys. First and foremost, bolt cutters are the right tool for the job.

The Use of Bolt Cutters

That’s all you need, a bolt cutter. This is a pair of scissors that have been reinforced with a fulcrum joint to deliver more power.

Different sizes are available. The ones with long handles have more leverage, so they can provide more power. 

Most padlocks can be cut with a 24-inch bolt cutter, but if you have a high-quality one on your Jeep Cherokee, you might consider a 36-inch bolt cutter. 

Using bolt cutters to cut off a padlock on a Jeep Cherokee

  1. Grab the padlock and face it forward.
  2. Next, locate the U-shaped lock on the padlock.
  3. Position your bolt cutter on the right side of the lock when you find it. As a result, the left side of the lock rotates.
  4. Then, use the bolt cutter to cut open the lock. The lock will instantly break if you apply enough force.

Be careful when using the bolt cutter. Don’t let a cheap lock damage your Jeep Cherokee!

Conclusion of Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside

A Jeep Cherokee that’s locked with the keys inside can be a nightmare if you’re in a hurry.

Fortunately, you can easily open it in no time with some simple tools and by following some simple steps! I hope you found the 5 ways to unlock Jeep Cherokee with keys inside helpful.

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