Travelstar EcoPath AT Tire Review and Rating Latest 2024

Travelstar EcoPath AT Tire Review
9.9/10 Our Score


  • Dry 80%
  • Wet 70%
  • Snow 60%
  • Comfort 80%
  • Noise 60%
  • Treadwear 90%


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • An affordable price
  • Off-road performance is excellent
  • Performance on the road is decent
  • Extreme off-road scenarios are not recommended
  • Distances between brakes on average

The automotive industry is full of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. As a result of this diversity, there is a car to meet the needs of every owner.

Take people who want some non-paved action. You need two things to go on an off-road expedition – a car capable of it and proper tires.

There was a time when people needed two sets of tires – one for paved roads and one for off-roading. As the industry progressed, manufacturers combined the best of both worlds into a single option.

The drawbacks of all-terrain tires are that they are a combination of highway and mud-terrain tires. When you use these types of tires, you can expect slightly worse performance under extreme conditions. It’s still an excellent combination that most people would find sufficient.

Many brands offer these kinds of tires in this market, and the one I have in mind is from an affordable brand. Under the Unicorn tire manufacturer, Travelstar provides tires at an affordable price with decent performance.

Today’s review tire is the EcoPath AT, an all-terrain all-season tire designed for SUVs or light trucks that provides decent performance on and off the road.

Travelstar EcoPath AT features:

The tread pattern is one of the main features of an off-road vehicle. EcoPath AT features a tread pattern with large blocks and deep grooves. Most all-terrain tires are designed to provide grip on loose surfaces.

The rubber compound is one of the many features of the EcoPath AT. The traction control system provides traction on wet roads and usable performance in winter conditions. In deeper water patches, the larger void should also help the tire remain stable.

The road performance is influenced by several factors. As for the external blocks, Travelstar chose an alternating pattern design with a link on the inside. In this approach, traction is improved and tire handling is improved.

Travelstar paid close attention to the behavior of the EcoPath AT. In order to make the tire more responsive, the central ribs are tweaked.

What is its behavior on dry tarmac?

The EcoPatch AT performs well in dry conditions. Despite being a cheaper tire, it delivers surprising performance.

On paved roads, the grip and traction are adequate for everyday driving. If you’re civilized, you shouldn’t have any problems breaking traction with the EcoPatch AT.

As for the lateral grip, it is acceptable and will keep you safe. Avoid pushing the EcoPatch AT into a corner, and you’ll be safe.

The EcoPatch AT doesn’t have industry-leading braking distances. In my experience, the stopping distances are above average for its class, but not the best.

Handling was the biggest surprise. An all-terrain tire with pretty good responsiveness results from Travelstar’s tweak to the central rib.

In wet and slippery conditions, how does it behave?

Performance on wet roads is good, but not as good as on dry roads. It’s still a very usable tire, but it shouldn’t be pushed too hard, like the other EcoPatch AT tires.

The tire’s traction and grip levels are usable, and it will keep you safe as long as you don’t go overboard.

Even though the EcoPatch AT provides a safe driving experience, it isn’t a tire that can handle high speeds. If you drive within the speed limit, the tire will be stable and easy to handle. Continental TerrainContact A/T would be able to deliver much higher performance in this area.

Aquaplaning is less likely to occur on tires with larger grooves. Despite remaining stable in water patches, the EcoPatch AT is decent.

What is its behavior on snow?

The EcoPatch AT, like most M+S rated tires, will perform well in snowy conditions.

Remember that you’ll get that performance in lighter conditions. In these cases, the EcoPatch AT is sufficient. Therefore, you can get this performance if you drive in lighter conditions and over unpaced snow.

Over packed snow, the EcoPatch AT is less useful.

Does it feel comfortable and refined?

On the road, all-terrain tires are more refined than mud-terrain ones. EcoPatch AT achieves that to a certain extent, but it’s not the best.

In spite of the EcoPatch AT’s off-road capabilities, comfort isn’t too bad. A decent amount of bumps and imperfections can be ironed out, making it comfortable. If you hit a bump, some vibrations will be transferred to the cabin, but it’s not too bad.

Noise isn’t so great. There are quieter all-terrain tires on the market, but the EcoPatch AT is not one of them. In town, the noise level is acceptable and won’t disturb the cabin. In some areas, you may hear some whining on the highway.

Can it be used for off-roading?

All-terrain tires like the EcoPatch AT are designed to be used off-road as well. As a result, it will not replace a mud-terrain tire, but it will be usable in less extreme conditions.

The EcoPatch AT provides excellent traction over dirt and gravel roads. The tread pattern of the tire enables it to dig into loose surfaces and provide traction.

The M+S rating of the EcoPatch AT helps it perform well on muddy surfaces. In deeper patches, it will get stuck, so you can expect it to perform better in lighter conditions.

It’s not a good idea to go for something more extreme like sand or rock crawling.

Does the Travelstar EcoPath AT suit sporty driving?

EcoPatch AT has an aspect that makes it suitable for sporty driving. That said, the rest of the requirements aren’t met, so it would be a poor choice.

A positive aspect of the EcoPatch AT is its responsiveness. This is a decent all-terrain tire for the price.

Negatively, there are all the other elements. It doesn’t have a lot of grip and traction, so you can’t rely on it too much. The EcoPatch AT also has a bit more sidewall flex than you’d like, so if you’re an enthusiast, this tire isn’t for you.

Warranty for Travelstar EcoPath AT

The warranty is one of the things that go in favor of the EcoPatch AT. This tire comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is the same as some premium options. You get the same warranty as with the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2.

How much does Travelstar EcoPath AT cost?

Travelstar makes very affordable tires, and the EcoPatch AT is no different. Prices begin at around $110, which puts it in the same ballpark as the Laufenn X Fit AT.

Video Review of buying Travelstar EcoPath AT Tire

With the EcoPatch AT, you get what you pay for.

Most average users should be satisfied with the tire’s performance on the road. The EcoPatch AT is well-mannered and provides decent grip and traction. If you decide to purchase it, avoid pushing it in rainy conditions.

The EcoPatch AT’s biggest weakness is its poor winter performance. Over shallow unpacked snow, the tire will work, but anything beyond that would be too much.

The EcoPatch AT is an all-terrain tire, so it performs well off-road as well. In light conditions, the tire performs superbly, but in harsher conditions it struggles.

As far as refinement goes, the EcoPatch AT delivers a respectable level of comfort. The EcoPatch AT isn’t a particularly quiet tire when it comes to noise levels.

The EcoPatch AT is a tire that has a long warranty. With a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles, you can expect the tire to last as long as some premium tires.

Travelstar’s main selling point is its price. EcoPatch AT offers decent performance at a reasonable price.

Honestly, the EcoPatch AT isn’t the best all-terrain tire on the market, but it’s a decent option if you’re on a budget.

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