2 Effective Ways to Start a Jeep Cherokee without a Key in 2024

How to Start a Jeep Cherokee without a Key? Jeep Cherokees are certainly reliable road companions. Don’t assume it’s out of nose-dives.

It may fail at any time, like most machines. With some DIY, you can bring the vehicle back to life in an emergency situation. 

The failure of a vehicle to start is one of the most common problems. Within a second, it can ruin the party. Nevertheless, if you are aware of those possible glitches beforehand, nothing can stop your Jeep Cherokees’ wheels from rolling.

Here are some effective ways to start the Jeep Cherokee without a key.

Is it possible to start a Jeep Cherokee without a key?

Firstly, let’s answer the main question: Can the Jeep Cherokee be started without a key?

Yes, it is possible. Without the key, there are a few alternative ways to start the vehicle. However, those can be a bit tricky. It’s best to leave the “technical stuff” to the professionals if you aren’t familiar with it.

Nevertheless, you may want to learn some easy tricks for starting the engine without the key. Here’s the first one.

1st Way of Start a Jeep Cherokee without a Key

The Jeep Cherokee won’t start if the key fob is not working or the battery is dead. A key fob could be one of the main causes of the Jeep Cherokee’s inability to start. In such a case, it’s likely that the key fob’s battery is to blame.

Why are you going there? Would you like to grab a pair of batteries?

You can still start the engine without going to the supermarket.

Due to Jeep Cherokee’s smart feature that lets you start the car with a dead key fob. Step by step, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1:

Your vehicle’s ignition button should be covered by the on/off end of the key fobs.

Step 2:

 Put the brakes on.

Step 3

With the key fob, press the ignite button.

That’s it! It shouldn’t take more than a second for the vehicle to come to life.

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? It turns out that almost 60% of Jeep Cherokee owners are unaware of this trick (Are you one of them?). 

That’s great! Let me explain what just happened when your vehicle started.

This is a special feature of the Jeep Cherokee’s key fob. Basically, it’s an electromagnetic transmission that starts the vehicle.  

It’s now clear to you. The next time your Jeep Cherokee doesn’t respond to your key fob, try this out. You will surely enjoy it.

2nd Way- The replacement of the cylinder and key assembly

To fix ignition problems, sometimes it’s easier to replace the whole cylinder and key assembly.

Don’t be surprised when you hear the word cylinder. The lock is not even part of your ignition switch.

The truth is, it’s easier than it seems at first. Gather some courage and roll up your sleeves.

To perform the operation, grab a screwdriver. A new ignition cylinder and key must also be purchased from an auto parts store. The product is small and cheap.

The procedure is outlined below in step-by-step detail.

Step 1:  

Remove the steering wheel with care.

Step 2

Underneath it is a lock plate. You should remove it.

Step 3

Right there should be a plastic horn ring. Remove it.

Step 4

The signal switch is now exposed to you.

Step 5

Pull the signal switch up enough to see the cylinder and key.

Step 6

A pin-lock is located at the bottom of the cylinder and key. Press the pin to release the cylinder and key assembly. The process should be smooth.

Step 7

Replace it now with a new one. Reassemble everything. It should solve your problem and you should be able to start your car without any problems.

Conclusion of Start a Jeep Cherokee without a Key

The task is easier said than done. Be extremely cautious when performing such maneuvers on your vehicle. Next time, try not to lose your key in the first place. 

In any case, now you know how to start a Jeep Cherokee without a key. I hope they will help you deal with panic. Wishing you luck!

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