Which is Better Rhino Liner vs Linex (Latest Update 2023)

Which is better Rhino Liner vs Linex.

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As truck beds carry heavy cargo for you, they make traveling much easier for you.

Do you have dents and scratches all over your truck bed that make you sad because it doesn’t look as shiny and attractive as when you first got it because it gets rusty too quickly?

The last thing anyone wants is to invest in their trucks and then watch them lose their appeal. If you want to save your truck bed, bed liners are a good option.

The paint on truck beds fades away due to changing weather conditions and heavy cargo, creating dents, scratches, and rust. In order to protect your truck beds, you should use a Bedliner.  Spray-on and drop-in bed liners are available.

If you want a more customized appearance and protection, spray-on bed liners are a great choice. It adheres directly to your truck’s metal using an application tool similar to a spray can. If you need a neat appearance, this process might require a professional.

A drop-in bed liner, on the other hand, is a piece of plastic that’s cut to fit your truck bed, and you just have to place it correctly. Anyone can complete the process.

Rhino liner dealers who can be trusted make going for an aftermarket product safe, even though spray-on liners are an aftermarket tool. Rhino liner spray-on bed liners are preferred by most customers.

Rhino Liner vs Linex

Both Rhino liner and Linex bed lining are well-known and trusted brands. Both are easy to install and effective. In terms of warranty, both Linex and Rhino offer lifetime warranties.

Furthermore, Rhino and Linex bed liners cost similar amounts, so the customer’s decision is based on narrow technical details or personal preference.


Rhino Liner



Thick, soft and gentle to knees. Thin but rough to the knees and cargo.
Finished Appearance Dull in color due to thick material. Shiny and factory-like finish.
How long can it last? Designed to last forever. Will fade away.
Time to dry Few seconds. One hour.
Chemical resistant Yes. Yes.
Water resistant Rhino Eco-Coat is a waterproof. Applying LINE-X XS-310 forms a single waterproofing barrier.
Durability toughest bed liner, can withstand abrasion, scratches, denting, tears, etc.

can withstand tensile strengths up to 6,600 PSI.


Installation and appearance of Rhino Liner vs Linex

In comparison to Linex, Rhino linings are thicker than Linex. Its thickness is a plus point for many users because it is soft and gentle on the knees and makes moving cargo easier.

Additionally, it has a good grip on the cargo. Meanwhile, Linex bed liners are thinner, about 14 inches thick, which adds uniformity and durability.

On a bumpy road, this can be rough on the knees and on the cargo. In spite of this, this system runs at 130-210 degrees, ensuring the installation is free of crackling, bubbling, flaking, and dries in 3-5 seconds.

Since Rhino linings are thicker, they won’t follow the contours of the truck bed. As Linex is relatively thin, it conforms easily to contour lines, providing a factory-like finish and retaining cargo space in bed lids, camper shells, etc.

There is a huge difference between Linex and rhino in terms of appearance. Since Rhino bed lining is thick, it has a dull appearance that many customers do not like, especially if they spend extra money to match the color.

Its soft, rubbery texture, however, affects its resistance and tearing ability. Water-resistant installation can also be achieved with rhino liner spray.

Additionally, Linex is more resistant to water and tears; it is also resistant to chemicals such as diesel fuel, bleach, gasoline, chlorine, and other household solvents.

Linex’s appearance is shinier and more admirable than Rhino’s, but it has a rough texture which can cause dents and scratches.

The rhino liner dealers do not have franchises, so the installation process may vary from customer to customer, and uniformity is not present.

Make sure the installer uses a hot, high-pressure method and is a professional. Installation costs for rhino liners and linux are usually the same. Customizations, such as color matching, surface spraying, etc., may affect the price.

The performance of Linex

Rhino bed liner and Linex both use similar chemicals, but they perform differently. The tensile strength of Line X makes it extremely resistant to rips, gouges, and tears.

It has a better finish that precisely cuts around contours and has a shiny factory-like appearance. Unlike the Rhino bed lining, which is thick and dull in texture, this lining is gentle on the knees and cargo.

In order to help you better understand how Rhino Liner spray is applied, we have attached a video below.

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Line X vs rhino warranty: Both come with a lifetime warranty, but rhino liners are not franchised, so claiming a warranty might be difficult.

There are no maintenance costs associated with rhino liners since they can last a long time, and if you use them carefully, you won’t have to use the warranty. While rhino liners cost a little less than Line X, none require additional maintenance.

There is an average cost of $470.41 for Rhino bed liners, and $481.77 for Line X bed liners. There may be a difference in price depending on your city and the type of installation you choose.

Color Matching

Would you like your bed lining to look natural? Do you have a white truck and are wondering if you should get a white rhino liner? The white rhino liner spray cans are available, and both brands offer color matching to meet your custom requirements.

There will, however, be an additional cost associated with this.

In addition, Rhino liner vs Line x reviews show that Line x and Rhino liner paint fade away faster than factory paint unless you pay more for UV protection. Due to the thickness of rhino liner material, color matching is impossible, so even extra costs won’t help.

Reddit Rhino Liner vs Linex

Customers who are still unsure of which to choose can find a lot of information in rhino liner vs linex Reddit reviews. Here are detailed Rhino liner reviews and Rhino bed liner vs Linex comparisons. Several audiences here share their experiences, which you can compare and decide what’s best for you.

Because they don’t have any franchises, if you are wondering where to buy a rhino liner near me, you can post your question about where to buy a rhino liner near me, and people will assist you.

The Rhino liner near me can also help you learn whether there is someone near you selling Rhino liner that can be beneficial to you.

A Rhino liner vs Linex Reddit will also provide more detailed information, such as how much Rhino bed liner is in your area or which Rhino liner is the best. Raptor liner and Linex are also compared.

It’s an interesting comparison, and if rhino lining isn’t for you because it’s thick, you can search for raptor liner vs Linex.

Rhino lining for mobile phones is also popular. These and other Rhino liner extreme reviews are available on Reddit, and they are all genuine, written by people who have used the product.

Final Thoughts on Rhino Liner vs Linex

As a result, both brands have been around for years and do their best to provide you with the best quality. There are significant differences between the two products, which are largely determined by personal preference.

If you are still unsure about which one to choose, you can search on Reddit for the comparison, where people share their experiences.

Video Explanation of which is better between Rhino Liner vs Linex

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