Primewell PS890 Touring Tire Review and Rating (Latest 2023)

Primewell PS890 Touring Tire Review
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Dry 70%
  • Wet 50%
  • Snow 70%
  • Comfort 70%
  • Noise 60%
  • Treadwear 60%


  • Focused on budgets
  • Performance on the dry side is decent
  • Excellent resistance to aquaplaning
  • It is a fantastic dry condition
  • Louder
  • Tires are not the longest lasting

Primewell tires are not just another Chinese tire brand, as some of you may not know. Because it is manufactured by Firestone, it should, in theory, be a good tire.

Our focus today will be on the Primewell PS890 Touring, one of the company’s fewer models. 

A great option for older or smaller cars, this touring tire has all-season properties and is affordable.

Primewell PS890 Touring features?

The tire does not come with tons of features and technology to ensure its performance, given its price range and category.

In order to make it an all-season tire, Primewell worked on the rubber compound to make it drivable throughout the year. You’ll have to take the company’s word for the compound.

PS890 Touring’s tread design is designed to improve performance under a variety of conditions. The design should improve traction on a variety of surfaces. Four circumferential grooves and numerous sipes provide traction in wet conditions. Water must be moved from the blocks and they must maintain constant contact between the blocks.

As far as shoulder blocks are concerned, Primewell made the PS890 Touring with larger blocks. In the corners and on the straights, this will improve stability.

As you’d expect from a touring tire, the tread design is fine-tuned for low noise levels. In addition to keeping the tire stable at higher speeds, the ribs should also reduce vibrations. All of this results in a comfortable ride.

What is its behavior on dry tarmac?

In spite of the fact that it’s an affordable tire, the PS890 Touring performs well on dry surfaces. Even though it does not have the same properties as its premium counterpart, it is still an excellent option for everyday driving.

Even if you get a bit carried away, the cornering grip will keep the car planted. Thanks to the tread design, traction will not be an issue.

Touring all-season tires are not known for their responsiveness or sharpness. The wider shoulder blocks of Primewell’s tires make them more responsive than most of their competitors. It is difficult to tell what the tires are doing because feedback is mostly muted.

What is its behavior on slippery roads and wet?

Its performance on wet surfaces is also impressive, and it lives up to its reputation as the best Primewell tire. The grip and traction levels are excellent, and the short braking distances make this a safe driving tire.

This area also lacks responsiveness and feedback, so there has been no improvement. According to Primewell, the tread was designed to provide excellent aquaplaning resistance. Water patches of varying sizes didn’t bother the tire, and it continued moving without a hitch.

Even though it doesn’t have the best grip in the world, the PS890 Touring inspires confidence. It won’t make you want to drive faster and harder. You won’t have to worry about your car sliding without warning since you’ll feel in control.

What is its behavior on snow?

PS890 Touring’s snow performance is adequate only in light snow conditions. The tire might even struggle a bit in these conditions if you drive enthusiastically since it doesn’t have the 3PMSF rating.

Performance is average for everyday driving, with decent grip and traction and safe stopping distances. In harsh winter conditions, I would not recommend relying completely on the PS890 Touring, even though driving on snow isn’t completely unsafe.

Does it feel comfortable and refined?

PS890 Touring is comfortable and quiet, but it may not meet your expectations.

The comfort of this tire isn’t its weakest point and it works well to eliminate vibrations when you drive over rougher terrain. Additionally, it smooths things out. In general, it’s great.

Depending on the surface you drive on, the noise levels are higher than I expected. Considering the price, it’s not a bad experience.

What is its behavior of off-road?

A surprising feature of the PS890 Touring is its off-road capability. Generally, all-season tires aren’t very good at it, and this one isn’t either, but it seemed better than its competition in specific situations.

Since touring tires are not designed for hard-core off-roading, sticking to dirt roads is best. If you do run into a muddy patch, the PS890 Touring could help you out.

What is the ideal driving condition for the Primewell PS890 Touring?

In my opinion, the PS890 Touring isn’t ideal for sporty driving. While Primewell gave it some properties to improve the responsiveness and steering feel, it’s still a budget-friendly touring tire.

Spirited drivers won’t like it. In the bends, you don’t want the combination of muted feedback and less than instant steering response.

You probably shouldn’t drive the PS890 Touring hard because it doesn’t have all the grip in the world.

Warranty for Primewell PS890 Touring

Considering the tire’s category, don’t expect a very long warranty with the PS890 Touring. Primewell offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which may not sound like much. Even when you compare it with other competitive tires, the price isn’t too bad.

How much does Primewell PS890 Touring cost?

As long as you understand the performance you’re getting, the PS890 Touring is a good tire. Almost as cheap as the much worse-performing Chinese tires, you can get it for as little as $50.

The result is a decent performance throughout the year, as well as plenty of comfort. Although the noise isn’t as low as I’d like, you can’t have everything for this price.

Conclusion Buying guide

This is mainly due to the PS890 Touring’s excellent price-to-performance ratio. In this industry, you won’t find too many affordable products with excellent performance.

Despite being pushed a bit in the corners, the tire offers excellent levels of grip on dry pavement. With no vibrations at higher speeds, Primewell tuned the tire just right, so stability will not be an issue. If you’re an enthusiast, you should look at other models because you won’t like the lack of responsiveness and feedback.

Wet performance continues to be decent. As a result of the tread design, the PS890 Touring has significant traction, and it can hold the tire in place pretty well in corners.

 It may not feel like you want to push it hard like other touring tires, but it will make you feel safe. It offers excellent aquaplaning resistance, and its braking distances are relatively short, ensuring a safe ride on wet roads.

Once it starts snowing, the tire will show its all-season nature and perform poorly. You will need to be careful with sharp inputs and acceleration in light snow conditions. It is recommended to use a winter tire when there is deep snow.

In terms of comfort and noise, the PS890 Touring is as expected, with more comfort than I expected. Over rough surfaces, vibrations are well muted, and the tire absorbs a lot of imperfections and holes. The tire’s noise levels aren’t too bad, but they could be improved.

Touring tire buyers expect a longer warranty, but that’s not the case with the PS890 Touring. It offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which isn’t much. In addition to the very affordable price, people will consider the tire a good choice.

The PS890 Touring isn’t a bad tire in my opinion. The performance for everyday driving is there, and you’ll have a safe driving experience. The more expensive tires will provide a longer tread life and a sportier driving experience.

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