Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs BF Goodrich KO2 – Which One is the Best

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs BF Goodrich KO2 Which one is the best? Unlike other tire families, A/T tires provide all-terrain traction.

You can drive these tires through a range of weather conditions from highways to rocky mountains to icy roads giving you a free pass to go on an adventure.

With a market rife with hundreds of options, it can get confusing, so we do the legwork for you by comparing two mid-range tires.

We will compare Nitto Terra Grappler G2 against Bf Goodrich KO2 for your convenience.

Comparing Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs BF Goodrich KO2:

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Nitto’s Terra Grappler G2 is its first A/T product to offer a treadwear warranty, which speaks volumes about their confidence in the tire.

With its reinforced coupled joints and staggered shoulders, G2 provides exceptional dry and off-road performance. Also, it features full-depth Sipes for wet traction, which is not its strongest suit.

Due to the variable tread design, these tires are relatively quiet, as expected from an A/T tire.

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Terra Grappler features a unique tread design, raised thunderbolt patterns on one side, and a new blade design pattern.

From the outer shoulder tread blocks to the sidewall, the blade design extends. KO2 is an aggressive tread, which is molded into a high void with an interlocking pattern for a durable performance in any terrain.

On the other hand, the KO2 features 3D track sides, upper shoulder sidewall armor, and a serrated shoulder design that allows you to perform exceptionally off-road. KO2 leads in wet and snow traction, while G2 performed better in dry and off-road conditions.

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It’s normal to expect some sacrifice of comfort when choosing an A/T tire; G2’s variable tread reduces cabin noise, whereas KO2 doesn’t. Both KO2 and G2 are tied for durability and tread life.

Comparison of overall traction

A/T tires are primarily designed to provide traction on different types of terrains. 

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Terra Grappler’s dry (on and off-road) as well as wet traction is exceptional. Due to full-depth sipes, Nitto claims that you will still have a great wet performance after wearing the tire, but our tests indicate otherwise.

During cornering and high-speed driving, the reinforced coupling joints help the Terra Grappler maintain its shape for exceptional control and handling.

KO2 focuses more on wet and snow traction rather than dry traction. G2 is better at dry traction. KO2 however takes the lead when it comes to wet traction.

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The 3D sipes traction edges give KO2 its hydroplane resistance, and the mud phobic bars, which are raised ledges on the tread, help the tread to evacuate water, mud, and slush.

As a result of ejection tread technology, no mud or debris gets stuck within the tread, reducing hydroplaning. KO2 provides 10% more mud traction than KO, according to Bf Goodrich.

In contrast, G2 are simply not made for mud, so we wouldn’t suggest taking your G2s into marshy areas.

KO2’s 3D track sipes provide excellent snow and ice traction by lodging snow within the tread and increasing snow to snow traction. Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake is awarded to KO2.

In contrast, the G2 features a staggered shoulder that provides the necessary biting edges for snowy or icy conditions. KO2 provides 19% more snow traction than its predecessor; Bf Goodrich KO.

*Even though non-winter tires with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol have more longitudinal snow traction than normal, all-season (M+S) tires, they cannot match the capacity of real winter tires in all weather conditions.

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Comparison of treadwear and durability

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BF Goodrich claims that its KO2 tire has 20% stronger sidewalls than its predecessor, the KO. It comes with CoreGuard technology that prevents the tire from splitting and bruising, as well as improved rubber thickness.

Goodrich’s Tri-Guard technology, which consists of two steel belts reinforced with nylon and polyester cord sidewall, makes your tire far more durable than an average A/T.

Interlocking tread patterns distribute tire tension evenly, resulting in even wear. The majority of tire manufacturers don’t offer a treadwear warranty, but BF Goodrich does, with a 50,000-mile warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Additionally, BF Goodrich claims to have enhanced the tire’s durability by adding 20% more sidewall strength.

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However, the Terra Grappler G2 maintains its all-terrain adaptability while also providing great durability and tread wear.

As the tread wears in, the full depth sipes keep your tire looking great while keeping it water-evacuating.

The G2 tire has a coupling connection that links the outer and inner treads. This allows the tire to maintain its shape off-road and to provide you with better handling, steering response, and cornering.

Nitto’s Terra G2 is one of the first all-terrain tires to offer a Treadwear warranty. On LT-metric and flotation sizes, Nitto provides a 50,000-mile warranty, whereas hard metric sizes come with a 65,000-mile warranty. Despite Nitto’s claims, we observed some hydroplaning after 20,000 miles.

Performance on off-road terrain

Off-road performance is one aspect that an A/T tire must be able to handle. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of off-road conditions, A/T tires feature a more rugged and aggressive design, which increases performance and durability. 

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Terra Grappler G2 tires are ready to handle your daily needs, whether it’s a drive on the freeway or a trek through the mountains.

Thanks to its reinforced coupling joints, it maintains its shape even on rough roads. Additionally, the staggered shoulder lugs provide additional biting edges for off-road conditions.

We found this tire to be less suitable for on-road conditions than the ridge grappler, regardless of Nitto’s claims.

KO2 tires have aggressive tread designs and perform well in off-road conditions. Terra grappler G2 has a modest advantage over KO2 when compared to off-road performance.

Comfort Comparison

Despite their ability to handle a wide range of terrain, A/T tires sacrifice comfort and luxury during a drive. A/T tires can’t shake, but comfort isn’t the primary reason people buy them. 

Terra Grappler G2 has a variable pitch tread block which absorbs vibrations to some extent, offering a quieter ride than Bf Goodrich KO2.

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In contrast, KO2 does not use any sound reduction technology yet offers a reasonably smooth ride.

In order to dampen the shocks associated with driving on off-road surfaces, BF Goodrich uses computer optimization to design its interlocking tread design.

How about the price?

Given their mixed performance, Terra Grappler and KO2 are quite competitive in terms of price. KO2 and G2 are fairly expensive tires in comparison to some of the other A/T tires. However, we think their price is justified rather than their performance.

Summary of Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs BF Goodrich KO2

Both Terra Grappler and Bf Goodrich KO2 passed our standard tests with mixed results. In comparison to KO2, Terra Grappler gave better results in terms of dry traction and off-road performance. KO2 performs well in mud, snow, and wet conditions, whereas G2 does not.

When it comes to comfort and noise reduction, G2 has the edge in noise reduction, while KO2 has the edge in smoothness.

In our testing, both Terra Grappler and G2 were quite durable in terms of treadwear, but we observed a few cases of hydroplaning in Terra Grappler after the treadwear had set in.

Conclusion of Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs BF Goodrich KO2:

This is the brief Comparison of the two tires. Now you can easily pick the best one according to your need and requirements.

Video Comparison of Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs BF Goodrich KO2

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