2024 Comparison Between Nitto Ridge Grappler vs Toyo Open Country RT

In order to Comparison Between Nitto Ridge Grappler vs Toyo Open Country RT, the Toyo RT is classified as an Off-Road Traction tire.

In contrast, the Nitto ridge grappler has a hybrid terrain design that combines the benefits of both all-terrain (A/T) and mud-terrain (M/T) tires. You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its hybrid tread pattern.

Based on your needs, here are some features that distinguish both of these beasts.

Nitto Ridge Grappler vs Toyo Open Country RT  

A hybrid terrain design gives the Ridge Grappler an overall adequate performance. Thanks to its specially designed dynamic tread pattern, it provides a quiet, comfortable, and smooth ride without compromising traction and handling. Due to its larger surface area, its traction on roads is enhanced.

In dry conditions, the lower void ratio increases grip. On rough terrain, the shoulder pattern and staggered lug blocks provide lateral stability.

The Toyo RT provides excellent grip and handling when it comes to off-road driving. During off-road driving, its aggressive tread pattern provides better mobility and traction. A bold sidewall design and staggered shoulders enhance durability and side-impact protection.

Added durability is provided by the high turn-up tough polyester construction. Wider grooves throw mud chunks backwards and clean the tire.

Using the bold stone ejector, any pebbles will not get stuck between the grooves and the machine will self-clean itself.

Comparison of On-Road Traction

In terms of on-road traction, the Nitto terra grappler is the jack of all trades. Overall, it performs well both in dry and wet conditions.

Due to its larger contact patch, it provides more traction while maintaining stability. On highways, Nitto’s shoulders are also optimized for better handling.

As Toyo RT is designed specifically for rough surfaces, it has voids between the blocks which decrease the contact patch. Because of this, the Toyo RT has less traction, increasing the braking distance and compromising stability at high speeds.

Due to the wide spacing between the grooves, it is less suitable for highway driving as the surface area is less in contact with the road. 

With a larger contact patch, Nitto provides better grip and handling on highways. 

Comparison of Off-Road Traction

Mud terrains

Nitto has closely packed tread blocks, which is why the grooves are comparatively narrower. Therefore, if these tires are used in muddy swamps, the tread fills up with mud, causing them to struggle to roll forward. As mud and dirt accumulate in the narrow grooves, the tire loses its grip and loses its handling characteristics.

Off-road, the Toyo RT shows its true potential. Due to its large tread blocks and wide channels, it performs well on muddy roads.

As a result of the wider groove channels, mud is thrown backward, which prevents the tire from getting stuck and keeps it rolling.

In muddy conditions, the tire’s bold tread design and high void ratio help maintain traction and stability. As compared to Nitto, Toyo RT has wider grooves that provide better traction in mud.

Snow Terrains

For better traction and mobility in snowy areas, tires need wider groove channels that can throw snow backwards while clearing the path for the tire.

Because Nitto tires have narrow grooves, they struggle in soft snow as snow particles can get stuck between the grooves, causing the tire to lose traction.

When it comes to snowy areas, the Toyo performs better than its competitors. Toyo’s wider grooves allow it to scoop away more snow from tread blocks, improving traction.

The more spacing in the tread design, the more snow will be pushed out of the way, clearing the vehicle’s path. 

The wider grooves of Toyo’s treads make it easier to remove snow from the tread than its competitors in snow terrains.

Rocky terrains

Nitto, being a hybrid of both families, performs well on rocky terrain. Although the narrow grooves maintain traction with the surface, small rocks can get stuck between the deep tread pattern and the stone ejection feature is not enough to remove them all, thus damaging the tire.

In rocky areas, Toyo is the king and does not struggle to propagate. A high void ratio and open shoulder blocks provide excellent traction on rough surfaces.

Stones or pebbles cannot get stuck in the grooves because of the bold stone ejectors. In the tread pattern, stone ejectors prevent stones and rocks from getting stuck in the grooves and damaging them. Open scalloped shoulder blocks also help tires maintain traction and forward movement on rough surfaces.

Toyo’s open tread design and high voids make it a good choice for rocky terrain. Stone ejection is quite satisfactory and gives better performance than Nitto.

Comfort During Driving

When it comes to noise, the Ridge grappler performs well, especially at higher speeds on highways.

It provides a smoother and quieter ride thanks to 3D simulation and advanced sound analysis equipment. With narrow grooves, the tire is virtually inaudible, providing thousands of miles of quiet travel.

With an optimized pattern arrangement for smooth and comfortable ride, Toyo tires produce more noise due to the high voids in the tread pattern.

As more air gets trapped in the voids, it starts to strike the walls quickly, which increases the noise and compromises comfort.

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Treadwear and Durability

Trail grapplers feature a 3-Ply sidewall and a thick rubber tread, providing an additional layer of puncture resistance. The two jointless cap ply construction also makes it puncture-resistant.

As the shoulder lugs wrap down the sidewall, additional traction is provided without sacrificing stability. Tires of this type can provide between 20,000 and 30,000 miles of mileage.

In addition to its durability, Toyo RT has a high-void pattern. While maintaining handling and stability, the aggressive, functional tread pattern provides traction in the toughest conditions.

Stone and mud ejectors aid in self-cleaning and prevent damage from stone drilling. A three-ply polyester casing enhances the tire’s durability and puncture resistance.

In off-road conditions, the rugged sidewall design extends over the shoulders to prevent cuts and scrapes. The Toyota RT has a mileage of 45,000 miles, which is quite good compared to its competitors.

Comparison of Price

Comparing the prices of both tires, the Toyo RT is slightly more expensive than the Nitto. Tire selection is entirely dependent on user requirements and application. Its exceptional off-road performance and better mileage can justify its slightly higher price.


  • As an R/T tire, Toyo is built for rough surfaces, while Nitto is a hybrid of A/T and M/T tires.
  • Toyo’s high void ratio makes it an excellent off-road tire
  • When traveling at high speeds on the road, Nitto provides more traction and stability Stone ejectors from Toyo provide superb performance in rocky environments
  • The Toyo is a bit more expensive than the Nitto, but the Toyo provides more mileage

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