Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo MT – Which one is the Best?

Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo MT tires are Mud-Terrain tires designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts, while Nitto Ridge Grappler tires are hybrid tires that have qualities of both all-terrain and mud-terrain tires.

By comparing the Nitto Ridge Grappler with the Toyo M/T, we can easily distinguish their prominent features. Toyo has a wider groove pattern to deliver excellent performance in deep mud terrains.

Meanwhile, the Grappler is designed to maintain a balanced tread design that delivers overall satisfactory performance in all conditions.

With its innovative hybrid tread pattern, you can enjoy both smooth on-road driving and efficient off-road adventures. Below are some interesting facts about traction and performance of these tires that will help you choose the best tire for your needs.

Comparing Toyo M/T and Nitto Ridge Grappler

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The innovative hybrid tread design of the Ridge grappler makes it suitable for all types of roads. The Nitto’s tread pattern provides the right amount of traction on highways while also providing a quiet, comfortable, and smooth ride. With a larger contact patch, the vehicle is more stable and handles better at high speeds.

In dry conditions, the relatively low void ratio increases surface grip. The symmetric shoulder pattern and dynamic lug blocks aid in lateral stability, and its uniform tread pattern ensures a smooth ride on paved roads.

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The Toyota M/T performs better in off-road conditions. In muddy swamps and on snowy surfaces, the wide spaced tread pattern provides better mobility and traction.

Comparison of on-road traction

Nitto’s hybrid tread pattern performs well on almost all terrains. It offers balanced performance in both smooth and rough terrain. Z grooves are arranged in a zig zag pattern to increase the contact patch and provide additional traction. In wet areas, the Sipes pattern helps wipe away water from the blocks and prevent skidding.

The Toyo M/T has a bold shoulder design that gives it an aggressive appearance. The wider grooves reduce the contact patch, which reduces the rolling resistance and makes the tire unsuitable for off-road driving.

For highways and straight roads where more speed is required, it is not the best option since it is built specifically for rough surfaces. With a high void ratio, it provides less traction, increasing braking distance and compromising stability at high speeds. 

When it comes to highway driving, Toyo’s wide groove spacing puts it at a disadvantage. With more contact patch due to narrower grooves, Nitto tires provide better stability, grip, and handling on paved roads.

Comparison of off-road traction

Mud terrains

The blocks of Nitto are densely packed, which reduces its efficiency in deep mud swamps where the narrow grooves fill with mud and dirt, making the tire unable to move forward. Moreover, the deep narrow grooves compromise handling in muddy areas since the tire loses its grip when filled with mud and dirt and loses its grip.

Off-road, the Toyo M/T reigns supreme as its performance is quite impressive. Its large tread blocks and wider grooves allow it to move forward without much difficulty on muddy roads. The wider groove channels throw chunks of mud backwards and allow the tire to move forward smoothly.

As a result of the high void ratio, the tire maintains traction and stability in off-road conditions and continues moving forward. The open shoulder blocks have a scalloped design that provides better handling while turning.

Toyo M/T provides better traction in mud than its competitor because of its wider grooves.

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Snow Terrains

A tire with wider grooves will perform better in snowy areas as they throw soft snow backwards and prevent the tire from skidding. The hybrid tread design of Nitto has densely packed groove channels with relatively less space between tread blocks, which could be filled up by snow, making the tire slippery and causing it to lose traction.

Snowy areas are no problem for the Toyo as the wider grooves effectively scoop away soft snow from tread blocks. As the tread design is more spaced, the snow is cleared out of the way, which maintains the vehicle’s mobility. 

Toyo’s wider grooves give it an advantage over its competitors in soft snow terrains as well. Its wide space between tread blocks makes it easy to remove snow.

Rocky terrains

Nitto’s hybrid tread pattern provides adequate performance on rocky terrains as well. Although the narrow grooves maintain traction with the surface, one thing to consider is that on rocky terrains there are plenty of small stones that can get stuck in the deep tread pattern, causing stone drills and tire damage.

Nitto is equipped with a stone ejection feature, but it is not efficient enough to remove all the stones and pebbles that get stuck in the channels.

Because Toyota has a wider groove pattern, it does not struggle when traversing rocky terrain. It offers superb traction on rough surfaces thanks to the open shoulder blocks.

Toyo’s stone ejection system is quite effective in self-cleaning the tire. Stone ejectors in the tread pattern prevent stones from getting stuck in the grooves or damaging them. Furthermore, the wide shoulder blocks help to maintain traction and movement of the tires on rough surfaces.

The wide groove channels and bold stone ejectors make Toyo a great choice for rocky terrain. The stone ejection feature of this machine gives better results than Nitto’s.

Driving Comfort Comparison

M/T tires are noisy due to their aggressive tread pattern. Being a hybrid of both types of tires, a Ridge grappler provides satisfactory performance when it comes to having a smooth ride, especially at high speeds and on highways.

The seat comes with 3D simulation and advanced sound analysis technology for a more comfortable and peaceful ride. The narrow spacing between the grooves gives it an advantage in terms of comfort, as less air is trapped inside them, making the tire virtually inaudible.

Keep in mind that more contact patch means more treadwear, and as the wear sets in, the tire becomes louder.

The tread pattern on the Toyo tires is aggressive and widely spaced to provide sufficient traction in rough areas, but this compromises comfort a bit when driving at high speeds.

By having high voids in the tread pattern, the tire is louder as the air gets trapped in the voids and starts hitting the walls rapidly, which compromises its comfort.

Treadwear and Durability

Its larger contact patch reduces its tread life and mileage as it has a larger surface area in contact with the road. Additionally, it comes with a 3-Ply sidewall and a thick rubber tread to prevent punctures.

The shoulder lugs wrap down the sidewall, which offers additional protection without sacrificing stability. The mileage of these tires is not that great and can provide between 20,000 and 30,000 miles.

For off-road conditions, Toyota tires have a thick rubber compound layering. Stone and mud ejectors help in self-cleaning, preventing damage to tires and stone drills.

The three-ply polyester casing enhances puncture resistance. A rugged sidewall design extending over the shoulders prevents cuts and scrapes on off-road surfaces. Compared to its competitors, the mileage of the Toyo M/T is quite good, being between 50,000 and 60,000 miles.

Comparing prices of Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo MT

The Toyo M/T is a bit more expensive than the Nitto. Users can choose the tire of their choice according to their needs and applications. Toyo’s slightly higher price can be justified by its exceptional off-road performance and better mileage.

Brief Summary of Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo MT

  • While Toyota is an off-road tire, Nitto can be classified as a hybrid of off-road and all-terrain tires.
  • Toyo tires provide impressive performance in muddy and snowy conditions thanks to their high void ratio and wider grooves.
  • Nitto tires provide better traction and stability on the road
  • Toyo is a bit more expensive than Nitto, but it has better mileage and durability

Video Comparison of Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo MT

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