Metzeler ME 880 Vs Metzeler ME 888 (2023 Updated)

Metzeler ME 880 Vs Metzeler ME 888 Both are specifically designed for cruising, touring, and custom bikes.

The ME 880 is the predecessor of the ME 888, and they are similar in their functionality, with a few differences that make the successor better.

It has been a German motorcycle tire manufacturer for over a century, with a reputation for quality and innovation second to none.

Metzeler ME 880 Vs Metzeler ME 888 – A General Comparison

In addition to its heavy load-bearing capacity, Metzeler ME 880 is one of the most popular tires for cruising and touring bikes.

One of the best tires for long drives, it has a U-shaped tread design with bias-ply construction and a high grip soft compound used in its fabrication, resulting in maximum grip and unbelievable durability.

Overall, Metzeler ME 888 is second to none, as discussed before, it’s the successor to the famous ME 880 with some improvements in design that make it even better and more efficient than before.

This time the tread pattern is V, and it has radial ply construction and silica compound added to make it even more absorbent than before.

As a result, the tire has a longer lifespan while providing a better grip, which makes it an even more suitable tire for long drives and cruising.

Comparison of traction

The traction of the tire is the primary concern of every buyer of cruising and touring heavy bikes. An excellent grip on dry surfaces is provided by the ME 880’s high grip soft compound.

With its unique U-shaped tread pattern, it provides efficient hydroplaning, so it can handle wet surfaces and hard braking with ease.

The round tread profile of the front tire coupled with the flat tread profile of the rear tire provide excellent handling and maximum traction.

In addition to resilient traction, the Me 888 is also suitable for heavy bikes. Me 888 features a V-shaped tread pattern and a silica compound added to its material, evolving from me 880’s U-shaped tread pattern.

Consequently, it performs even better on wet and dry surfaces due to these features. Because of its advanced technology, the ME 888 provides better traction than the ME 880.

Comparison of comfort

Every motorcyclist is concerned about comfort. With a high-grip soft compound, a unique carcass construction, and an advanced tread pattern, the ME 880 offers exceptional comfort and remarkable stability. Despite its unique tread design, it performs well in rain as well.

Despite the minor differences between their tread patterns, the ME 888 is just as comfortable and stable as the ME 880, the major difference being the compound material.

The ME 880 has a soft compound, whereas the ME 888 has a stiffer compound due to the presence of silica.

It might feel stiff at first, but once it’s up and running, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride. You can choose any one of these exceptional tires when it comes to comfort.

Comparison of Noise Level

Tire noise is primarily determined by the tread pattern and the material used in its manufacture. Due to the carcass structure in its tread pattern, along with the soft compound material used in its manufacture, the ME 880 has a very decent noise level that ensures a smooth, comfortable ride.

Due to its tread pattern with compound bridges between grooves, ME 888 also has a considerable noise level.

The stiff compound used in its fabrication produces a little more noise than the ME 880, but it’s still better than most tires of this age and technology.

Durability and tread-wear

Bias-ply construction means that the ME 880 has a uniform number of plies on the tread face as well as the sidewall, making it durable for heavy bikes.

With its unique carcass formation, the tire’s tread pattern is computer-designed with offset groove alignment for uniform wear and unrivaled stability even in wet weather.

Furthermore, the improved me 888 features radial-ply construction, which is less sensitive to heat and can support heavier bikes even better than bias-ply.

As a result of its flat and wide tread pattern, it is able to transfer stress generated by the contact surface to the outer sidewall of the tire, resulting in exceptional tread-wear reduction.

A stiffer and more solid tread design is also caused by the compound bridges between its transversal grooves that reduce wear.

Due to its newly added unique features, the ME 888 has better tread-wear and durability than the ME 880.


Since ME 880 is the predecessor of ME 888, their tread patterns are very similar. It’s only natural that they look alike. ME 880 features a U-shaped tread pattern with carcass construction that looks decent and captivating.

ME 888 has a very similar tread pattern, with a V-shaped tread pattern instead of the previous U-shaped tread pattern, plus compound bridges between the grooves, giving it a more prominent look.

Ratings and reviews from customers

New customers benefit from customer reviews and opinions after using a certain product. The ME 880 was well received by everyone who used it.

In addition to providing good stability, they have an amazing load-bearing capacity for heavy bikes. This tire is sensitive to low pressures and will wear out unevenly if kept at low pressures. Depending on how you use them, it may last 7000 to 9000 miles.

The ME 888, on the other hand, has even better customer feedback. The ME 880 has good stability and handling, but this tire is less sensitive to low pressures and does not wear unevenly under those conditions. Since the ME 888 can last over 10000 miles, it is much more economical and efficient.

A comparison of prices

Metzeler’s ME 888 is more expensive than the ME 880, but that’s because it’s the new version of its predecessor with new features that make its durability and traction significantly better than before. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, ME 880 is a good choice.

Final Words on Metzeler ME 880 Vs Metzeler ME 888

A comparison of the Metzeler ME 880 and ME 888 can be summarized as follows:

Metzeler ME 888 is the successor to ME 880, and both tires are very good for cruisers and touring bikes that can handle heavy loads well.

ME 880 and 888 have outstanding traction on dry surfaces, but the ME 888 performs better on wet surfaces due to its better technology.

Compared to the ME880, the ME888 produces slightly more noise

Because of the advanced technology used in its tread design and the silica compound in its fabrication, ME 888 is the better tire when it comes to durability.

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