Kenda Klever R/T Tire Review and Rating Latest 2023

Kenda Klever R/T
9.9/10 Our Score


  • Dry 80%
  • Wet 80%
  • Snow 70%
  • Comfort 60%
  • Noise 70%
  • Treadwear 80%



  • Exceptional off-road performance
  • Traction is good on both dry and wet surfaces
  • In snowy conditions, it’s pretty useful
  • Noise levels that are acceptable
  • Sometimes, the ride can be rough
  • The tire isn’t the most communicative

Developing tires that can be used in multiple conditions is one of the biggest challenges tire manufacturers face. In some cases, they are capable of pulling that off, but in others, things are more complicated.

It’s not too difficult to make this kind of combination in some cases. Manufacturers have found a way to make all-season tires very good in multiple conditions even though they won’t excel in one area. But what if you need an off-road and on-road tire?

R/T tires come into play here. Rough-terrain tires are very similar to all-season ones in the way they are positioned on the market.

With decent performance, they can be driven on and off the road. Rough-terrain tires have better off-road capabilities without sacrificing on-road capabilities.

Our modern tires come from a brand whose early days weren’t filled with car tires. Kenda is a Taiwanese brand that’s been around for around 60 years. Around 20 years ago, the brand made tires for trailers and golf carts.

This tire is part of Klever’s rough-terrain lineup. The Kenda Klever R/T is designed to handle rougher terrain without losing its all-terrain properties.

Has Kenda managed to accomplish that, or is it just another case of marketing? Come on, let’s find out.

Kenda Klever R/T features?

The tread design is the most obvious feature of the tire. An aggressive tread design gives the Klever R/T excellent off-road performance.

In addition to the deep and wide grooves, the tire should also perform well in mud. Additionally, the upper tread on the sidewall allows the Klever R/T to have better traction in deeper mud and some snow as well.

Due to the fact that it is a tire aimed at more extreme off-road situations, Kenda paid attention to the internal construction. With a 3-ply sidewall construction, the Klever R/T can survive some hardcore off-roading conditions.

As a result of the all-weather rubber compound and the design, the Klever R/T should have excellent traction on wet and snowy roads. Snow performance should be acceptable despite the tire’s M+S rating.

Furthermore, the Klever R/T can be fitted with studs to improve ice performance.

What is its behavior on dry tarmac?

Considering that it’s a rough-terrain tire, the Klever R/T does well in the dry. It’s fine for daily driving, but not much else.

As a result of the large blocks, the tire sticks to the road well, resulting in decent grip. Accelerating aggressively with some more powerful cars may result in some slip, but for the most part, you will be fine.

The Klever R/T isn’t one of those tires that will wow you when it comes to handling. The tracking is predictable, and it’s decently responsive. Even at higher speeds, you’ll be very stable. It should be noted, however, that the tire isn’t very communicative and doesn’t provide much feedback.

The braking distances are acceptable. It is possible that some tires will perform better, but not by a great deal.

What is its behavior on slippery and wet roads?

Apparently, Kenda designed the Klever R/T to perform better in wet conditions.

Wet roads are no problem for the tire, both in terms of traction and grip. The tire provides more than enough performance for everyday use. Also included are decent braking distances.

With wider grooves, the Klever R/T offers excellent aquaplaning resistance. In deeper patches of water, it will remain relatively stable when driving at higher speeds.

What is its behavior on snow?

With an M+S rating, the Klever R/T performs well in snow conditions.

According to Kenda, it’s an all-weather tire, which means that it performs better in snow than an all-season tire. You can expect decent grip and traction with the Klever R/T in lighter snow conditions. As long as you don’t push it too hard, the tire will remain fairly controllable.

In some extreme conditions, the Klever R/T will not perform as well as a proper winter tire, regardless of the tread pattern. If you need to improve the winter performance of the tire, you can study it.

Does it feel comfortable and refined?

In some areas, the Klever R/T is an exception to the rule when it comes to off-road tires.

As far as comfort levels go, the Klever R/T isn’t the softest. The 3-ply internal construction affects the ride quality, and the tire can feel harsh at times. Positively, vibrations aren’t too pronounced, and the tire doesn’t ride poorly.

The Klever R/T’s noise levels are pretty good for an off-road tire. When you drive over rougher terrain or at higher speeds, there is a deep roar. All-terrain and rough-terrain tires have similar noise levels.

What is its off-roading behavior?

With the Klever R/T, you can satisfy almost all off-road requirements, making it a truly rough-terrain tire.

Especially on gravel roads, the tire provides plenty of grip and traction in lighter conditions. If you are driving in shallow mud or sand, you can expect to get pretty good traction.

If you want to go for something more extreme, like deeper mud, the Klever R/T won’t let you down. In situations where all-terrain tires struggle, the tire can dig in and provide traction. However, mud-terrain tires will perform slightly better in extreme conditions.

Klever R/T tires are also good for rock-crawling, and you won’t be disappointed with them. The 3-ply construction makes it easy to deflate without damaging the sidewalls.

Does the Kenda Klever R/T suit sporty driving?

Off-road capable tires aren’t known for being ideal for sporty driving, and the Klever R/T is no exception. Despite the tire’s good looks, it lacks the performance that would make it suitable for enthusiasts.

While the Klever R/T has plenty of performance for regular driving, as soon as you push it, its weaknesses become apparent. Moreover, you don’t get the most responsive tire that can justify a “sporty” badge.

Warranty for Kenda Klever R/T

Klever R/T follows the no-warranty trend that all off-road tires follow. In the event that a tire becomes defective within the first 2/32 inches of tread, you can utilize the uniformity warranty.

What is the price of the Kenda Klever R/T?

Kenda is known for making affordable tires, and the Klever R/T is no exception. For this type of tire, prices start around $125, which is quite affordable. Compared to mud-terrain tires, rough-terrain tires are relatively cheaper because there aren’t too many on the market.

Kenda Klever R/T Tire Buying guide video?

The Klever R/T is an excellent tire, and there aren’t too many reasons to avoid it.

Under normal conditions, the off-road tire performs pretty well on the road. There is more than enough grip and traction on dry and wet roads with the Klever R/T.

The vehicle drives stable and planted, giving you plenty of confidence. The snow performance of a tire with an M+S rating is also adequate, and you can improve it further by adding studs.

It’s rare that the Klever R/T will fail to perform in off-road conditions. Anything from dirt roads to rock crawling won’t pose a problem for the tire.

Some mud-terrain tires may not perform as well as mud-terrain ones in some situations, but these are pretty rare.

For the most part, the Klever R/T does pretty well when it comes to refinement. Although the tire is a bit harsh, it shouldn’t be a problem. In terms of noise, the tire performs better and remains acceptable for an off-road tire.

According to reports so far, the Klever R/T tire should last you around 40,000 miles despite the lack of warranty. Currently, it is one of the more affordable rough-terrain tires available.

Overall, the Klever R/T is a tire with few downsides. For trucks and SUVs, it’s a good tire if you don’t mind a bit of noise and a harsher ride.

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