What is Mean of Jeep Key Fob Not Detected: How to Fix? (Best Way)

Jeep Key Fob Not Detected ? Do You Want to Fix it? Jeeps with keyless entry and push-button starts are undoubtedly easier to operate.

A problem arises when the car won’t start due to a dead key fob – and you can’t simply turn the key a few times (in an old-fashioned desperate attempt).

In the event that your key fob fails, you won’t even be able to enter your car, let alone start it, which can be a nightmare.

In the event that your Jeep key fob is not detected, you must identify the problem and decide whether to repair or replace it. Here are some tips for dealing with a non-working key fob.

What Does ‘Key Fob Not Detected’ Mean on Your Jeep?

It’s pretty much what it sounds like. When your Jeep says ‘Key fob not detected’, it means the key cannot send a transmission to the vehicle, often because of weak batteries.

This fault in the key fob prevents you from getting keyless entry even if the feature is working.

When the Jeep key fob is not detected, what causes it?

There are a few reasons why your Jeep doesn’t detect the key fob:

Key fob battery is dead

The most common cause of key fob failure in a Jeep is a dead battery. Keyless entry systems cannot receive signals when the key fob’s battery is dead or weak.

The use of the wrong key

In a hurry, it’s easy to grab the wrong key. Key fobs are unique and unlikely to work in other vehicles.

Key fob with a fault

There’s always the possibility that your Jeep’s key fob has been damaged without your knowledge. A malfunctioning lock-unlock system can be caused by loose or old wiring, water damage, or circuit damage.

An issue with the programming

Like any keyless-entry car, your Jeep may have software or programming issues.

Due to stalled loads or dying batteries, the key fob’s programming may be accidentally deleted, preventing the system from detecting it.

Worn out car battery

There are times when problems arise not from the key fob but from the car itself. When the Jeep’s battery is dying, its modern, demanding locking system prevents it from responding to a key fob.

There is a problem with the door lock

Your Jeep’s key fob can also be affected by problems with its door locks.

Broken or misaligned buttons

It is impossible for a key fob with stuck, broken, or damaged buttons to function efficiently or to send the correct signals. A stuck start button will not make the necessary contacts.

Interference with radio signals

Your Jeep key fob suddenly stops working, and you can’t figure out why.

Wireless devices, such as anti-theft alarms and radar detectors, may transmit at the same frequency as the key fob signal.

What you need to do to fix your Jeep key fob

Ensure that your Jeep’s key fob has really gone wrong before attempting to fix it. Start your car with the spare that came with your purchase to find out. It must be a problem with the other if it works fine. 

If it’s really faulty, seeking assistance from the manufacturer is the best way to get your key fob working again.

If the warranty expires, it’s okay to repair it yourself before contacting a professional. You may want to try these fixes.

Battery replacement

Your first step should be to replace the battery in your key fob since it is most likely the cause of key fob detection problems.

Additionally, make sure the car’s battery is functioning properly.

Alignment and contacts of buttons need to be adjusted

When your key fob has been abused, its buttons may become misaligned and the terminal contacts may fail. 

Check for loose or broken connections by pulling the fob apart with a flat screwdriver. You can gently solder them back in place if any are found.

Be sure the buttons are aligned correctly and not pushed down. 

Conductivity of the contacts should be improved

Despite correctly aligned buttons and firmly seated contacts, key fob detection failure can still occur. This may be caused by a worn circuit board. 

To improve the connectivity, you might try cleaning and polishing the board with isopropyl alcohol. A little conductivity paint can also be used to reestablish the connection.

It is time to replace the fuse

Jeep fuses are difficult to diagnose, which often results in the vehicle not receiving signals. Replace the fuse if nothing works after replacing the batteries or readjusting the connections.

Your key fob needs to be reprogrammed

Your key fob may have a crashed program if none of the above methods work. It is only possible to reprogramme the fob in such a case.

It can be achieved by starting the engine several times while keeping the doors closed. 

Follow these steps to program a Jeep key fob:

  • Close your Jeep’s trunk and doors before entering.
  • Insert your key into the ignition while it’s in the “OFF” position. 
  • Open the driver’s side door.
  • Turn the lock to the ‘lock’ position while the door is still open.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • On your remote control, hold down the “LOCK” button for five seconds.
  • When the Jeep key fob has been successfully programmed, remove the key from the ignition and release the button.

The Best Way to Start a Jeep with a Dead Key Fob

Getting stalled on the road because of a non-responsive key fob is undoubtedly frustrating, especially if you don’t have any spare batteries or cannot fix it. There’s no need to panic.

With a little-known technique, you can get your Jeep back on the road in no time. The first step is to unlock your car. Unlike most keyless-entry cars, Jeep key fobs include a conventional car key. 

There is a small sliding button on the back of your key fob. Slide or press the button to remove the cover. Release the key with your fingernails and a little force.

The mechanical key can now be used to open the door. Your door must have a key slot hidden behind the handle cover if you do not see one. You can access the key slot by gently popping off the handle cover with the key.

Now that you are inside your car, here’s how you can start it with the dead key fob:

  • After reinstalling the mechanical key, close the key fob.
  • While pressing the brake pedal, press your Jeep’s start/stop button with the tip of your dead key fob instead of your finger.

That’s all there is to it! You should now be able to start your Jeep without any problems. Regardless of whether the key fob is dead, Jeep vehicles use the system as a backup.

Conclusions of Jeep Key Fob Not Detected

So, there you have it. You now know all the DIY methods to deal with a Jeep key fob not detected. Besides the above methods, you can also use Jeep’s android or iOS apps to unlock your car remotely when it is locked.

All you need to do is make sure you’ve got your app set up with your vehicle before your key fob dies.

And in case everything fails, you can always seek professional help, which will cost you around 200$-300$.

 All the best to you.

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