Jeep JK 33 Inch Tires Stock Wheels (Latest Guide 2023)

 This Jeep JK 33 inch Tires Stock Wheels guide is for you if your Jeep is still on its stock wheels or if you are planning to change the tires for some other reason.

Jeeps have become more of a luxury than a necessity nowadays. In the past, jeeps were simply bought based on the terrain.

Jeeps have recently made their way into the luxury car segment as well, as the dynamics of the market have shifted slightly.

When you own a Jeep, you can customize it to suit your own needs and wants. This guide will focus on the most changed part of a jeep, its tires!

What are the Stock Wheels?

Original Jeep wheels are those that came with the vehicle when it was manufactured. Owners can change these later.

What wheels fit a Jeep Wrangler?

When considering changing or upgrading your Wrangler’s tires, you should know what it comes with and what changes are compatible with it.

Additionally, you must know the bolt pattern and lug size completely. In addition, Wrangler is compatible with some other Jeep brands.

If you plan to replace a different model Jeep with a Wrangler, you may be able to reuse the wheels. JK and JL models, for example, are compatible.

Offset guide for Jeep Wrangler wheels

It is important to consider the offset of the wheels when changing the Jeep JK stock wheels. The concept of wheel offset must be well understood in order to do so. This Jeep Wrangler wheel offset guide will help you do just that.

Essentially, wheel offset refers to the distance between the wheel and the inner components of the Jeep. The offset refers to how far the wheel sits from the centerline. Offsets can be positive or negative.

Positive offsets result in the tires being more inside the wheel fender, resulting in a shallow dish in the center. In contrast, a negative offset will cause the tire to remain outside the fender, resulting in a deeper dish. In contrast to backspacing, offset is measured in millimeters.

Stock tire sizes for Jeep Wranglers

33″ Tires 35″ Tires 37″ Tires 38 ” Tires
1.25 in 2.5 in 4.0 in 5.5 in
1.5 in 3.0 in 4.5 in w/ fender flares 6 in
1.75 in 3.25 in 5.0 in
2 in 3.5 in
4.0 in


Dimensions of tires

It may not be as easy as it seems to understand tire dimensions, especially for beginners. It is possible to grasp the dimensions, however, with the right technique to decipher the manufacturer’s methods.

We will use an example to give you a better idea. Consider a Goodyear Duratrac tire with a size of 315/70/17.

  • The 315 represents the tire’s width in millimeters.
  • 70 represents the height of the sidewall, which is 70% of the width. (70% of 315)
  • In inches, 17 represents the diameter of the rims.

The actual size of the wheel is calculated by adding the rim diameter to twice the sidewall height.

Why you should upgrade your tires

It is commonly believed that the Jeep Wrangler stock tire size is adequate. It is, however, true if you mostly use the Jeep for middle-of-the-road adventures.

It can still be said with considerable examples that people do not buy Wranglers for office-to-home trips. Because Jeeps are usually built for rougher and tougher terrains, their tires are expected to perform well.

Additionally, tire upgrades can improve quality as well. The right tire size can significantly increase performance, resulting in a better trail experience. 

In addition to ensuring the performance of the Jeep, the right tire size can also ensure safety. Both passengers and the Jeep can be considered in terms of safety.

Consider changing your jeep’s front bumper while upgrading your tires. When chosen appropriately, bumpers can complement your tire size.

33-inch tires on stock wheels for Jeep JK

This guide will focus on upgrading the wheel size of your Wrangler JK to 33 inches. In order to fix the problem, it is necessary to run some background checks and consider all the factors. Fuel consumption, clearance, backspacing, etc., are some of these factors.

Pros of Jeep JK 33 Inch Tires Stock Wheels:

 A 33-inch tire upgrade will require few other modifications. If all you want to do is improve the aesthetics of the Jeep, you won’t have to make any other changes.

Cons of Jeep JK 33 Inch Tires Stock Wheels:

 Off-road adventures require more than just upgrading the tires on the jeep. It will be necessary to improve clearance, for example.

If you’re wondering what’s the largest tire you can put on JK wheels, the answer is 37 inches. There is also a 35-inch option available.

The right tire size, however, is determined by the application for which the tires will be used. Each has its own pros and cons based on its size.

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Jeep Wrangler 33 inch Tires

Fortunately, the Stock JK offers both front and rear clearance. Driving around town, the driver does not feel any contact between the body of the vehicle and the tires.

For the stock JK wheel backspacing, it is recommended to fit aftermarket rims with a negative offset. If wider tires are used with the stock rims, there will be limited clearance and rubbing at full lock. Off-road travel is especially dangerous.

For off-road journeys, however, some adjustments are needed to provide the best solution for Jeep JK 33-inch tires stock wheels with no lift. It is only if the upgrade is purely aesthetic and the route includes a few gravel paths that the 33’s tires will work perfectly with the stock suspension.

Off-road Performance of Jeep JK 33 Inch Tires Stock Wheels

Off-road endeavors demand maximum suspension articulation and enough clearance inside the wheel area. As a result, the stock suspension system will not be suitable. In order to fit a larger tire size, you will first need to upgrade the suspension system.

Having said that, it is also important to note that the scrubbing factor depends on the application of the jeep. Thus, if you don’t want to change the stock suspension system, you may not have to.

Despite being on the table, this option can only be considered if the jeep is primarily used on the road. For off-road adventures, the tires are likely to scrub off with the body, so there is nothing to flex about.

Consumption of Fuel

If you thought changing tires would only improve the performance of your Wrangler JK on the road, you were wrong!

Changing your Jeep’s tires can have a huge impact on its gas mileage. Fuel consumption increases as you incorporate larger tires. Due to the larger tires, the vehicle is heavier, which increases its fuel consumption.

A 33-inch tire is expected to lose at least 1 mpg. Jeep Wrangler 33-inch tires are heavier and taller than stock tires. As a result, more surface area is in contact with the road, resulting in more drag and rolling resistance.

In addition, the type of terrain can also affect mileage. The mpg can be negatively affected by rougher mud terrain.

Backspacing of stock JK wheels

The backspacing factor needs to be considered when fitting 33-inch tires to a Jeep Wrangler. Backspacing is the distance measured in inches between the center of the rim and the inside lip of the wheel.

There are two types of backspacing: positive and negative. Positive backspacing means the tire is closer to the hub of the Jeep. During negative backspacing, the wheel is pushed further outward.

Negative offset rims or rims closer to zero will sit further out, making them compatible with wider tires. Stock JK wheels have just enough backspacing to provide a minimum amount of clearance at the front.

The margin can be sufficient or not depending on the mold design, tread pattern, and tire thickness.

The backspacing directly impacts whether the wheel will make direct contact with the inner components of the jeep. The inner components can include shocks, inner fenders, sway bar links, etc.

The installation of 33-inch tires on a stock JK

The video below describes how to install 33-inch tires on stock Jeep Wrangler rims.

Video Installation of Jeep JK 33 Inch Tires Stock Wheels

Final Thoughts

This concludes our guide to Jeep JK 33-inch tires and stock wheels. You can use this guide to upgrade your Jeep JK stock steel wheels to 33-inch tires. Detailed explanations of all the important terms you need to know before changing tires have been provided.

In addition, factors to consider before upgrading are also discussed, along with their importance. Additionally, the effects of changing tires are discussed. Before acting on impulse, such information will surely help you make the right decision.

We’re already talking about making changes to your jeeps, so you can customize the interior as well. Try different colors and materials for your seats.

Video of Jeep JK 33 Inch Tires Stock Wheels

What is the effect of 33-inch tires on fuel consumption?

A large tire upgrade will definitely decrease your Jeep’s mileage and increase its fuel consumption. Fuel consumption directly impacts your wallet.

Larger and heavier tires add to the vehicle’s unsprung weight. All the parts of the vehicle that are connected to the suspension, tracks, tires, and other parts of the vehicle constitute the unsprung weight of the vehicle.

If you use 33-inch tires, your Jeep’s mileage will decrease by at least one mile per gallon. Besides that, many other factors also affect fuel consumption directly.

The tread pattern, for instance, plays a significant role in fuel consumption. As a result of the rolling resistance of the road, this occurs.

For muddy terrain, an aggressive tire will provide more grip because more surface of the tire will touch the road.

On the other hand, it will also increase rolling resistance and drag. As a result, your vehicle will have a higher mile per gallon value.

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