Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light On Fix (FEB 2024)

Jeep Cherokee service shifter light on can never be good news for the vehicle. What’s the reason? It may be caused by a faulty wire or, more likely, a bad shifter. 

When the shifter light comes on, what does it mean? Jeep is indicating that it needs to be serviced immediately. 

Maybe that’s the best option, but what if you’re now on a secluded road or the highway, and you’re wondering if you can just push-drive your Jeep home, even when the service shifter light is on? 

To find out what to do about this Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter light, read on.

Why Does My Jeep Cherokee Say The Service Shifter Light Is On?

It means that your car’s shifter will need to be serviced by a professional mechanic when it displays a service shifter light.

Most likely, the mechanic will check if the necessary fuses need to be replaced, if the vehicle’s software needs to be updated, or if the shifter itself needs to be replaced. 

You might be hesitant to continue driving your Jeep if you receive a warning from the shifter light in an unfavorable location.

You can usually drive with a service shifter light on if it indicates a simple repair at the Jeep dealership.

The drive should be reconsidered if you have a 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee KL. You shouldn’t drive the model without having the necessary repairs made by the mechanic from the recall.

You’re better off visiting the mechanic if you don’t know the model or year of your car, and you’re driving a Jeep Cherokee and the warning is up saying, ” Service Shifter “.

You see, if you don’t know the model, the service shifter light appears more as a nuisance than as an emergency.

Because there is no single and accurate answer to what the warning is indicating, it is best to let the mechanic diagnose the issue and offer a solution.

Is it possible to drive a Jeep Cherokee while the service shifter light is on?

The answer depends on the model of your car.

The Shifter Light warning and being stranded on the side of the road at the same time may pose the question if it is safe to drive your Jeep Cherokee with the warning coming on.

Does it really make sense to hire a tow truck to transport your car home?

You may even think you can drive home without waiting for a mechanic or towing service at this point.

Most of the time, it is quite safe to drive home with your Jeep Cherokee while the service shifter light is still on.

In the absence of any other persistent car-issue symptoms, you can keep driving your car with the shifter light still on, even if it’s caused by a faulty wire or security software update. 

Unless it is a 15-model, the warning will never cause a tow call. It would be safer not to drive in it and call the tow truck instead.  

Often, even with 14-15 models, a shifter warning indicates nothing wrong and no problem at all.

The Jeep should, however, be taken to a repair shop as soon as possible, and long-distance travel should be avoided until it is repaired.

You may see the light on occasionally after the repair and servicing, as it is a problem unique to Jeep Cherokees, but it is not part of a massive repair.

You can drive safely if you have taken the vehicle for service but the shifter light is still on.

The Cherokee shifter light may also need to be checked by a certified mechanic from the dealership.

What is the cost of replacing a Jeep Cherokee shifter?

It should cost between $400- $1000 to service and replace the shifter light on your Jeep Cherokee, including labor costs.

Does the Jeep Cherokee’s Service Shifter come with a warranty?

Dealerships and mechanics may not consider your shifter’s problem to be covered under any warranty.

As a result, you will most likely have to pay for all repairs yourself.

For a diagnosis, you can always visit your dealership.

As well as determining the necessary repairs and replacements, the mechanics can also determine whether a warranty can be applied, such as a Powertrain warranty, which holds for a 5-year or 100,000-mile warranty depending on the Jeep’s model year.


The Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter can easily show a warning light if there is an inherent problem, or it may not show a warning light at all. 

It should only be towed (and not driven) to the closest dealership if it’s a 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee that wasn’t repaired from a recall. 

Other models can be driven safely to the dealership and diagnosed and repaired by yourself.

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