General Grabber ATX Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W (Latest 2023 Comparison)

It’s very difficult to choose that which one is better from General Grabber ATX Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Tires being discussed here are both A/T (All-terrain) tires.

Both the General Grabber ATX and Falken Wildpeak AT3W are very popular models built for both on- and off-road performance, but each tire has a few unique features that separate it from the other.

With its aggressive tread pattern and wider grooves, General Grabber ATX performs well on off-road surfaces. Due to its larger surface area and more contact patch, the Falken Wildpeak has high on-road traction properties.

Comparison of General Grabber ATX Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

General Grabber ATX features a symmetrical design with a deeper groove pattern. Dry traction is decreased by its high void ratio, which causes less grip and less contact patch with the road. Mud and snow are thrown backwards by the wider grooves, propelling the vehicle forward.

At the same time, ATX’s notched shoulders allow mud and dirt to pass through, improving the handling of the vehicle when turning in muddy swamps.

By ejecting the stones, the stone ejectors prevent the stones from getting stuck in the tread. The pile reinforcement and thick rubber tread increase durability and resistance to tread wear.

Additionally, Falken AT3W has deep but narrow grooves. As a result of its rigid and wide contact patch, it provides better traction and stability on highways.

Three-dimensional canyon sipes in the tread block of this tire effectively wipe away water from the tread. In rough conditions and on rocky surfaces, the two-ply sidewall protects the tire from punctures.

On-Road Traction Comparison

A tire with a larger contact patch will always provide better on-road traction since the contact area between the tread and surface determines the tire’s grip and braking distance.

Because the grooves of general grabbers are wider, there is less contact area between the tread blocks and the road surface, resulting in poor traction.

The wider grooves of ATX tires are remarkably useful in navigating wet surfaces, as they throw the water backward and clear the way for the tire to move forward. Additionally, the higher number of sipes helps in wiping away the water.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W offers excellent performance. Due to its closed tread pattern, it provides better handling and stability.

When the tread blocks are closely packed, they provide stability on dry roads, while canyon sipes wipe away water, providing better handling and traction on wet surfaces. Due to the narrow grooves, this tire does not perform as well as its competitors.

Falken’s bigger contact patch provides better traction and handling on highways, but ATX’s wider groove pattern enhances performance on wet surfaces.

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Off-road traction of General Grabber ATX Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Muddy Land

It is important that a tire has wide grooves in muddy swamps so that the mud can be thrown backwards and the tire can keep rolling.

When driving through muddy terrain, ATX’s wide grooves are quite effective in removing mud. As a result of its tread pattern’s wider spacing, mud is thrown backward, allowing smooth navigation through the mud.

In addition, the optimized shoulder design helps to clear mud from the sides of the tires while turning the vehicle. In muddy conditions, ATX with wider grooves are preferred.

Due to its tread pattern, the Wildpeak tire performs quite well on highways, but because of its narrow grooves, usage of these tires in mud terrains can result in the grooves being filled with mud and dirt, resulting in the tire losing its grip and becoming stuck. The narrower shoulder grooves also affect handling since mud gets stuck between them.

With its wider grooves, ATX performs better in mud terrain than its competitor.

Snow Areas

Similarly, wide grooves contribute to the tire’s mobility through soft snow. Like mud, the wide grooves of ATX push soft snow backward to improve traction and keep the vehicle moving forward. The aggressive tread design bites into soft snow and provides a stable drive. 

As the Wildpeak has narrow grooves, it is difficult to roll the tires smoothly on snowy surfaces as it is difficult to throw snow backward. Due to the snow getting stuck in the grooves, the tire loses traction.

Rocky terrains

ATX does not have to struggle much when propagating through rocks. The high void ratio and bold stone ejectors in the tread prevent stones and pebbles from getting stuck inside the grooves.

The wider grooves provide easy grip on rocks, and the bold shoulder lugs provide an impressive grip on rocks and gravels.

Wildpeak has a rugged corner tread pattern and an aggressive sidewall design that provide good performance on sharp rocks.

The offset shoulders provide good handling, however due to its deep tread pattern, rocks may get stuck deep within the narrow grooves, and the ejection features are ineffective at removing them.

Its better stone ejection feature makes it more recommended for rocky terrain.

Comfort While Driving

Less noisy tires provide better comfort and a smoother drive. Due to the high voids between the tread blocks, ATX is responsible for producing more noise, as air particles get trapped inside and begin striking the walls back and forth, thus causing more noise and compromising the vehicle’s comfort at high speeds.

Due to its Silent Core Noise-Canceling Technology and larger contact patch, the Wild peak A/T3W offers a smoother, more comfortable ride on highways. The result is a virtually inaudible ride. A fewer number of gaps between the grooves enables less air to get trapped inside, making the tire more comfortable and less noisy, especially at high speeds.

ATX’s wider groove pattern places it at a disadvantage when it comes to vehicle comfort, as the high void ratio between grooves will produce more noise. 

Comparison of treadwear and durability

Tires with a larger contact patch have a higher rolling resistance, and this higher rolling resistance causes the tires to wear out faster. ATX has a lower patch, which reduces rolling resistance and treadwear.

It will increase the tire’s durability and mileage since the treadwear is lower. The treadwear warranty is 60,000 miles. Additional sidewall protection lugs resist punctures. Steel belts, a two-ply polyester casing, a robust, and two polyamide reinforcement piles enhance its durability.

In addition to having a long tread life and a good treadwear warranty, the Wildpeak has slightly less mileage because of its larger contact patch.

There is a Treadwear Warranty of 55,000 miles, which is less than its competitor. A Heat Diffuser technology protects the internal components of the tire, and the aggressive sidewall design with an offset shoulder block pattern helps protect it from sharp rocks.

Differences in prices

The Falken Wildpeak is more affordable than the General Grabber ATX, but ATX performs better in off-road conditions. Choosing a tire depends on the user’s needs and application. ATX is more expensive, but its durability, higher mileage, and stronger construction make it worth the extra cost.

Summary of General Grabber ATX Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

  • The tires are both A/T (all-terrain tires).
  • Falken wild peak has better on-road dry traction.
  • With its wider groove pattern, ATX excels in muddy swamps and snowy terrain.
  • With a narrower groove pattern, Falken tires provide a smooth ride at high speeds while maintaining traction on the road.
  • ATX is more expensive than Falken wildpeak, but provides better durability and mileage.

Video Comparison of General Grabber ATX Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

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