General Altimax RT43 vs Michelin Defender

Are you planning to change or upgrade your tires soon? The decision on which brand and type of tires to purchase can leave you scratching your head. 

Numerous road touring tire brands claim to be the best, so you might not know where to begin. 

Today, the General Altimax RT43 and Michelin Defender (links to Tire Rack) are two of the most competitive choices for car enthusiasts. What are the points of convergence and divergence?

How Does General Altimax RT43 Work?

The Grand Touring All-Season Altimax family has been expanded by General Tire. The Altimax RT43 is a passenger, all-season, and touring tire with a quiet ride, reliable traction, and comfort.

Due to its Twin Cushion Silica Tread Compound, the tire absorbs road vibration quite well, giving you a softer and more comfortable ride. 

A Peak Anti-Slip Design Technology prevents the car from hydroplaning on wet surfaces. Despite snow conditions, tires with more biting edges and grooves have a better grip.

As a result of its Low Surface Abrasion Technology, Altimax RT43 also has a longer life expectancy. Additionally, its replacement tire monitor system will help you keep track of your tire’s capacity and replace them in time. By using this feature, you can avoid unforeseen accidents caused by overused or overaged wheels. 

The H- or V-speed rating of General Tire’s product makes it great for long drives or city tours with family and friends.  

How Does a Michelin Defender Work?

Michelin Defender is a good choice for minivans, sedans, and small crossovers. An excellent touring tire, it is an all-season tire.

The brand’s Intellisipe technology ensures a safe and quiet ride for your passengers in this upgraded version of the previous Michelin Defender. 

With better stability and durability, this product improves road contact and traction, keeping you safe on the road.

The steering response is excellent, and it is also environmentally friendly. To prevent leaving road footprints and prevent sliding on wet and icy surfaces, the brand also upgraded the silica content of its tires.

Since 1910, Michelin has been known for its innovations. In recent years, it has focused on producing long-lasting tires that cover longer mileage. The manufacturer uses it as part of its green movement to reduce waste and use raw materials.

As a reflection of the brand’s vision and mission, the Michelin Defender is an excellent vehicle.

General Altimax RT43 Pros?

Users are not disappointed by the features of the General Altimax RT43. Regardless of the on-road quality, you will enjoy its excellent steering and handling response. With its well-made quality, the humps and bumps do not affect its comfortable ride. 

  • Steering and handling are excellent
  • It’s one of the quietest tires on the market
  • Traction capacity in wet conditions

Additionally, General Tire claims that it is one of the quietest tires you will ever own. On large bumps, you may still hear several tread noises.

Another advantage of Altimax RT43 is its wet traction capability. Even in light to moderate snow, it maintains its speed, handling, and stability. In different conditions, the brakes also work consistently.  

Since Altimax RT43 has a longer life capacity, you will be able to enjoy its benefits all year long. A treadwear warranty of up to 75,000 miles is also included.

The Pros of Michelin Defenders?

Michelin Defenders are cost-efficient vehicles. The brand focuses on innovation and eco-friendly products, as you learned earlier. It demonstrated that high-quality products and environmental care can go hand in hand. 

  • Efficiency in costs
  • Grip is improved

Michelin Defender’s current version features Intelliscope technology and Green X technology that reduces rolling resistance. Due to their interlocking action, the tread block is more rigid, resulting in a higher fuel economy and lower fuel costs. 

Additionally, this tire performs well in both dry and wet conditions. By adding more circumferential and lateral grooves, it improves grip and reduces sliding risks. The MaxTouch Construction optimizes its strength, durability, and speed. 

A Michelin Defender tire provides the best road contact and works well for accelerating, cornering, and braking.

How Do General Altimax RT43 and Michelin Defender Differ?

Warranty on treadwear

The winner is the General Altimax RT43

A treadwear warranty or mileage warranty guarantees how long and far a tire will last from the time it is first installed. Among our two tire models, Michelin Defender has a longer treadwear warranty than General Altimax RT43. Is their mileage promise true?

Some Defender users express that the 90,000 miles are so good that it’s hard to believe, and some were able to enjoy its capacity for a shorter distance. Rarely do you find a customer review that mentions that Altimax RT43 wore out before the guaranteed warranty expired. 

As a result, we consider the latter to offer a better warranty.

Performance of dry traction

The winner is the General Altimax RT43

A comparison of dry traction performance focuses on noise, cornering capacity, speed, and dependability. 

Both General Altimax RT43 and Michelin Defender offer quiet, smooth, and comfortable rides, but the former produces vibrations and noticeable sounds on large bumps.

However, the Michelin Defender also performs well in dry conditions, and the lateral grooves provide excellent comfort and support. 

Despite this, the latter’s cornering capabilities aren’t quite as impressive as its counterpart, especially at high speeds.

Noises made by the other can be a little concerning. Additionally, Altimax has demonstrated that it is capable of handling rough asphalt with excellent steering and braking performance. 

Traction performance in water and snow

The winner is the General Altimax RT43

All-season tires will likely have difficulty handling wet and icy conditions, especially if their tread and lugs cannot prevent hydroplaning. 

However, both General Altimax RT43 and Michelin Defender have siping and anti-slip technologies that work well during light to heavy rainfall.

You can glide with ease on corners with the former, even if the road is slippery. With its ergonomic design and multiple grooves, the Defender’s surface keeps water out.

In this category, Altimax RT 43 wins because it can handle light to moderate snow without issue. The brakes are still reliable, and the tread plows the ice away. Michelin Defenders can only handle light snow.  

The average life expectancy

Michelin Defender is the winner

It is easy to claim that a tire can last all year while still providing great performance. It is important to note, however, that not all brands can live up to their claims. 

Although General Altimax RT43 claims that the tire can last all year, several customer reviews claim that it only lasts up to 10 months. It might be due to its shorter mileage. 

Because of its low rolling resistance, the Michelin Defender has a longer tread life expectancy. A longer-lasting tire can also save you more money.

When to use General Altimax RT43:

  • A long and quiet ride is what you prefer.
  • Snowfall is low to moderate in your area
  • When it comes to low to high speed performance, you want a dependable tire

When to use Michelin Defender:

  • A long-lasting tire is what you want
  • An environment-friendly and cost-efficient tire gives you more confidence
  • A tire with a longer mileage warranty is more appealing to you

Final thoughts

Overall, we prefer the General Altimax RT43 over the Michelin Defender. Although they promise a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride, the difference between the two isn’t that great.

As a driver or passenger, you can trust Altimax RT43 to provide a consistent experience, regardless of speed. Alternatively, the Defender’s greatest asset is its long lifespan, which is a great advantage when it comes to saving money for retirement. 

You only need to identify which branded tire suits your purpose and needs once you know what to expect between the two.

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