How to Fix ESP Bas Light on Jeep Liberty (Latest 2023)

Do You want to know How to Fix ESP Bas Light on Jeep Liberty? As you drive a Jeep Liberty, you suddenly see the letters “ESP Bas” on the dashboard.

Surely you’re curious enough to learn what these letters mean if you don’t know what they mean?

The ESP Bas light is unfortunately unfamiliar to most people. Therefore, they often fail to take prompt action after spotting the Jeep Liberty’s ESP Bas light.

We’ll examine why this light appears on Jeep Liberty and how to fix it.

Let’s get started.

How does an ESP Bas Light work?

The first step in the solution and fixation process is to understand what ESP Bas light is.

In a vehicle dashboard, it is similar to all other standard lights. The light flashes when there is a problem with your vehicle.

The ESP Bas light will not turn off until the following problems are resolved.

  • Program for electronic instability
  • The brake assist program has a problem

You can turn off the ESP Bas light with minimal effort.

While the light is on, avoid driving your Jeep liberty for so long while the light is on. Make an appointment at your nearest mechanic shop as soon as you see the ESP Bas light on your dashboard.

Is the ESP Bas Light on for a reason?

There are several reasons why the ESP Bas light appears. By identifying the root cause, you will be able to turn off the light effectively.

If you have a basic understanding of the different parts of the vehicle, finding out the reason is not difficult. Using a code scanner, you can analyze the problem using a proper diagnostic tool.

These are some of the root causes of the ESP Bas light popping up:

Steering angle sensor issues

Electronics and sensors are integrated into modern cars. The result is that different car models face a variety of problems.

A steering angle sensor problem is one of the most common causes for the ESP Bas light to appear. In any case, the steering angle sensor assists the steering wheel on your Jeep liberty to work in harmony with the wheels on the ground. Sensors such as this ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are turning in the right direction.

The steering rack contains a steering angle sensor. Any problem with the sensor may result in the ESP Bas light blinking on the dashboard. The sensor might be disengaged if the light is on. Alternatively, if the light turns off, the contact has been reengaged.

When driving over bumps or through potholes, the ESP Bas light appears.

Solution of Steering angle sensor issues

  • The sensor is an easy fish to fry. Check the connections with an ohm-meter first. Good readings indicate a good sensor.
  • A bad reading indicates a broken sensor.
  • Resetting the steering angle sensor will turn off the ESP Bas light. How do you do that? It is a simple process.
  • Turn the Jeep Liberty’s steering wheel to the left side twice and to the right side twice. Last but not least, return it to the center. In this way, the tire will face forward.
  • As a result, the steering angle sensor will start working as it should.
  • Additionally, the ESP Bas light will turn off and you will be able to drive the vehicle normally.

The brake switch is bad

One of the causes of the ESP Bas light on the Jeep Liberty is a bad brake switch. Over time, brake switches usually fail. Manufacturers, however, claim that they are covered by lifetime warranties.

Solution of The brake switch is bad

By performing regular maintenance, you will be able to identify a bad brake switch. Since you don’t need to remove other parts and replace the brake switch sensor, it’s an easy job.

The first step is to diagnose the issue using an OBD2 scanner. Just above the brake pedal, you’ll find it. Replace the old brake switch with the new one by unplugging the old one. Once the code is reset, you’re good to go.

Wheel Speed Sensor Complications

All 4 wheels of the Jeep Liberty are monitored by the ESP and Bas systems. It is the responsibility of both systems to ensure the same rotation rate at the same time.

The ESP and Bas assist the wheels in spinning at the same rate if the wheels’ spinning rate is misaligned. As a result, you will be able to control the vehicle more precisely.

However, both systems will not be able to do this if your vehicle’s wheel speed sensor malfunctions. The ESP Bas light will turn on as a result.

Solution of Wheel Speed Sensor Complications

It is not difficult to replace a bad wheel speed sensor. Additionally, these parts are affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to buy them.

Replace the sensors as soon as possible.  Check if the ESP Bas light turns off after replacing. Hopefully it will work.

What is the procedure for turning off the ESP bas light on a Jeep Liberty?

Turning off the ESP Bas light is much easier than turning off other warning lights, as you already know.

Here are the steps in a nutshell.

  • To retrieve the codes from your car’s main computer, use a code scanner
  • Find out why the ESP Bas lights are on
  • Turn off the ESP Bas light by making necessary repairs according to the problem

The whole fixing process typically takes two to three hours. Moreover, you don’t need to put too much pressure on it.

Conclusion of Fix ESP Bas Light on Jeep Liberty

You should not drive your Jeep Liberty with the ESP Bas light on. Identify the cause either by yourself or by visiting a mechanic shop and take action as soon as possible.

I hope that after reading this article on fixing ESP Bas light on Jeep Liberty, you are now aware of the reason behind it and will take the necessary steps to avoid further problems.

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