Falken Pro G5 CSV (FEB 2024)

Falken Pro G5 CSV Tire Reviewand Rating
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Dry Conditions – 80%
  • Wet Conditions – 70%
  • Snow – 60%
  • Comfort – 80%
  • Noise Reduction – 80%
  • Durability – 80%


  • Warranty for treadwear of 60,000 miles
  • Dry conditions provide lots of grip and traction
  • A more affordable alternative to premium options
  • Properties of dynamic handling
  • Wet conditions limit traction
  • Snow tires perform better than others

Off-roading has always been associated with SUVs and crossovers since they first appeared on the market. Despite that, not all of them are particularly good at it, and there are other reasons why people buy them.

Comfort is one of their most common advantages. The spacious interior also means a bigger cargo capacity, and the softer suspension means a more relaxed ride.

What type of tires should you get for an off-road capable vehicle you plan to drive on the road? Depending on the situation.

You will choose the performance option if you enjoy driving and want to have some fun with it. Due to the fact that ultra-high-performance tires are usually made for sedans and coupes, you will have to settle for high-performance tires.

They offer a balance between performance and comfort between UHP and touring options. It won’t be a track-ready tire, but it will handle more dynamically.

Falken Tires is one of many tire manufacturers chasing this segment. It offers tires with a premium-like performance at a lower price, despite being around for less than 4 decades.

In Falken’s lineup is the Pro G5 CSV, a tire designed for reliable performance. SUVs and crossovers can enjoy driving this all-season tire designed for SUVs and crossovers.

Falken tires are known for their quality, but will this one live up to its name?

Falken Pro G5 CSV  features ?

In terms of features, the Pro G5 CSV doesn’t disappoint. Despite the fact that they may not be state of the art, I believe they will work based on my previous experience with Falken.

A Pro G5 CSV tire is an all-season tire, which means the rubber compound is different from that of a summer tire.

The material is enriched with silica to remain softer in colder temperatures and offer performance in non-summer conditions.

The road can get a little colder when it rains, so wet performance is also important. The tread pattern is designed to improve traction over wet surfaces, especially in non-ideal situations.

The grooves and sipes also contribute to wet performance. Four circumferential grooves and plenty of lateral sipes help the Pro G5 CSV channel water efficiently. With this tire, aquaplaning resistance should be excellent.

The handling of a high-performance tire is crucial, so Falken also paid attention to it. To give the tire a more dynamic feel, the stiffer blocks in the center work with wider ones at the shoulders.

As a result, the tire should be more responsive in corners and more stable in straight lines.

What is its behavior on dry roads?

The Pro G5 CSV delivers excellent performance in dry conditions.

As the tire has a lot of traction, it will not be a problem to accelerate with it. Despite powerful cars, the Pro G5 CSV has no problems, which is very impressive for a mid-range tire.

Also, the lateral grip is phenomenal, and you can corner hard without worrying about the tires slipping. You have plenty of time to react once it starts doing that.

The steering wheel on the Pro G5 CSV provides decent feedback. The sound can be a bit muted at times, but it’s great overall. It is also very responsive, and the tire can change direction very quickly.

Additionally, the tire is very safe when it comes to braking distances. Although they aren’t the shortest, they are among the best.

What is its behavior on slippery and wet roads?

Wet performance with the Pro G5 CSV is not as impressive as dry performance.

You can still push the tire a bit, but it won’t have as much traction as you would like. A bit of aggression can result in a slip, so set your expectations accordingly.

Similarly, the grip levels are acceptable, but they are nowhere near as good as the premium options. Braking results are slightly above average but aren’t particularly impressive. 

Aquaplaning resistance is better and is an area of wet performance that’s better than the rest. Despite not being comparable to the premium models, it’s better than most tires in its class.

What is its behavior on snow?

In terms of snow performance, the Pro G5 CSV is average. All-season tires don’t perform well in snowy conditions, so it’s not something this tire is specifically bad at.

If the roads are clear, the performance is decent, and the tire won’t have too many problems. While the tire’s performance drops in light snow, it remains usable. Dedicated winter tires are recommended if the weather becomes harsher.

Does it feel comfortable and refined?

The Pro G5 CSV has some touring-like features despite being performance-oriented.

Despite not being as comfortable as something like the Continental CrossContact LX25, the experience isn’t bad.

Most road imperfections can be smoothed out by the tire, and most vibrations will be absorbed. Although it isn’t the most luxurious experience, it is far from the worst.

Despite its acceptable noise levels, the tire isn’t the quietest option on the market. Low speeds are very quiet, and higher speeds or rougher surfaces increase the noise levels.

What is its off-roading behavior ?

I wouldn’t recommend off-roading with road tires. Pro G5 CSV isn’t made for those conditions, and performance and longevity will be severely compromised.

As long as you are aware of the limitations, driving on dirt roads is doable. The grip and traction won’t be as good as with an off-road tire, but it’s not impossible. Sharper rocks may damage the tread, causing uneven wear.

Do Falken Pro G5 CSVs suit sporty driving?

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not the best. I have mixed feelings about the Pro G5 CSV, which is somewhere in the middle.

The tire’s grip and handling characteristics shine in dry conditions. Play around with it and chug it into a corner.

It’s very easy to control and find the limits. You shouldn’t push it too hard in wet conditions, since the performance isn’t nearly as good. 

Warranty for Falken Pro G5 CSV

One positive aspect of the Pro G5 CSV is the warranty. Due to its performance-oriented design, Falken offers a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty on the tire.

Even with a touring tire added to the scale, this tire leads other mid-range tires.

What is the price of the Falken Pro G5 CSV?

The Pro G5 CSV is a cheaper option than the premium models. Considering the overall package, it starts at around $120, which is not a bad price.

This is a good bargain compared to Hankook models with similar properties.

Video Buying guide video of Falken Pro G5 CSV?

It’s something you should consider, and I’ll explain why.

A tire with excellent dry performance is one I can recommend, so the Pro G5 CSV should be a good choice. Falken promises sporty-like driving characteristics with the tire. 

Wet and snowy conditions make things worse. Although the tire remains usable, its performance levels drop, and it isn’t as capable as on dry roads.

The Pro G5 CSV seems to be doing well in the refinement department for a high-performance tire. The comfort levels are decent, and the noise isn’t obnoxious, making it an acceptable choice when performance isn’t a priority. The tire won’t replace a touring tire, but it will do.

Another advantage of the Pro G5 CSV is its warranty and price. Due to the affordable price and the treadwear warranty, you can buy a tire that will last for several years without draining your wallet.

Overall, if performance isn’t your top priority and you want an affordable tire that can handle most of your demands, the Pro G5 CSV is a great choice. It’s important to keep your expectations realistic, as this is not a UHP tire replacement.

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