Goodyear Duratrac Vs Toyo AT3 Which One Should I Buy? (2023 Update)

After testing we come to know that Duratrac Vs Toyo AT3 both are AT (all-terrain) tires; they have a tread design similar to each other.

The unique tread pattern on these tires accounts for their popularity in the market. These tires offer a distinctive experience on different terrains.

Goodyear Duratrac differs greatly from Toyo AT3 in many ways. You should check several differences in the user experience of these tires before purchasing to find the set of tires that perfectly fits your needs.

Comparison of Duratrac Vs Toyo AT3:

The Goodyear Duratrac is undoubtedly a good tire for your vehicle due to its aggressive tread design and also for its unique look. The Goodyear Duratrac’s tread pattern has some zig-zag patterned sipes, which are beneficial when driving on wet terrain.

In wet, snowy, and muddy terrains, the sipes help to produce better road grip and allow the vehicle to accelerate faster without compromising handling.

Some Goodyear Duratrac’s have predrilled stud holes. One amazing thing about Goodyear Duratracs is that they can perform well even with low pressure inside.

The tread design on Toyota AT3 tires is also good. With central S-shaped patches on its tread, the Toyo AT3 has a sleek design. Additionally, these patches not only add to the aesthetics of the tire but also allow more mud to be thrown out, providing more contact points between the tire and the terrain, adding to its grip.

Toyo AT3 lacks pre-drilled holes, so applying studs can be challenging. Although the Toyo AT3 can perform under low pressure inside, it is less comfortable than the Goodyear Duratrac.

Comparison of traction

In Goodyear Duratrac tires, tire traction is pretty incredible because the tread blocks have somewhat of a deep siping and also because the tread has deep grooves. The grooves in Toyo AT3 tires are a bit shallower, which provides less traction.

Goodyear Duratrac’s deep grooves increase traction because they allow more water, mud, and snow to pass through them. Friction also allows heat to escape. Tires with deep grooves are less likely to burn out quickly and are less likely to blow out.

The AT3 has excellent traction (relatively less), which is helpful for getting around in muddy or snowy terrain. However, its shallow grooves make this relatively difficult.

The tread blocks of the Goodyear Duratrac tire have plenty of spaces between them (wide grooves) that help channel away snow and water as well as rocks from the terrain.

As a result, traction increases and more contact is made with the terrain. Furthermore, the siped shoulders of the tires improve traction, allowing you to accelerate rapidly in shorter amounts of time.

In comparison to Goodyear Duratrac, Toyo AT3’s shoulders have a relatively small surface area and less long and deeper sipes, which contributes to reduced traction while handling due to the consistent flow of mud, snow, and water.

Because Goodyear Duratrac tires have larger shoulders and more sipes, they provide smoother handling during sharp turns.

Comparison of comfort

Goodyear Duratrac tires have good grip, but they are noisy. Duratrac tires are noisier than Toyo AT3. To have a smooth driving experience judges the comfort level of a tire to a great extent, and Goodyear Duratrac tires are less demanding than the Toyo AT3.

As a result, the Goodyear Duratrac is less prevalent in the comfort zone compared to the Toyo AT3. Goodyear Duratrac tires, however, have the advantage that rocks are less likely to get trapped between tread blocks than Toyo AT3.

This is due to the wider groove size of Goodyear Duratrac tires. A larger groove size allows a tire to pass rocks more quickly, as they travel from the terrain to outside the tire via the groove.

It is also known as Tractive Groove Technology, and in the Toyo AT3, this problem often occurs. As the grooves are less wide, it is more difficult for rocks to pass through, making steering more difficult.

The Toyo AT3 has rocks stuck between the grooves, which make gripping a bit more difficult than in Goodyear Duratrac.

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Comparison of off-road performance

Since the tires have pretty similar treads, they have pretty similar properties and user experiences, but there are also many differences.

In Sand

Goodyear Duratrac is a better choice for sandy terrains due to its deeper grooves (compared to other tires) that provide excellent traction in sand.

There is better traction here due to the ease with which sand can pass through the grooves, making the tire stay in contact with the road surface. As for Toyo AT3 tires, they have a bit of a concern in sandy terrains because they have grooves with less depth, and as such, they are less desirable when driving on sandy terrains because they have comparatively less traction.

Rocky Areas

There is a solid tread pattern in the middle and sidewalls of Goodyear Duratrac tires, which provide excellent traction on rocky terrains. The Goodyear Duratrac, however, has more traction in rocky terrain than the Toyo AT3 due to two primary factors.

  1. Grooves are deeper than the Toyo AT3, which allows more water, mud, and rocks to pass through
  2. As the tire spins, a wider void space between tread blocks enables larger rocks to be removed.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best quality tires for rocky terrains, you should consider Goodyear Duratrac.

Soft Terrains

Duratrac tires perform better on soft terrains as well. Deep grooves on the tread contribute to the tire’s ability to push the vehicle out of mud.

 Toyo AT3 tires, however, do not perform as well as Goodyear Duratrac tires because their grooves are less deep . If you want to avoid getting stuck in situations where the mud decides where you have to go, we recommend Goodyear Duratrac tires.

Tread Wear and Durability

Tires like these have a pretty strong composition. Both tires provide good mileage thanks to their constituent materials and tread designs. Goodyear Duratrac tires, however, wear out a bit sooner than Toyo AT3 tires, but they can still work in even the most challenging conditions without blowing out due to greater channeling than Toyo AT3.

Comparing Looks

Some consumers consider the look as equally important as durability and performance. Both tires are similar in appearance. Due to its slightly more attractive and aggressive tread pattern than the Toyo AT3, the Duratrac is considered more impressive and stylish.

Duratrac is not necessarily better since some people also prefer tires with less aggressive tread patterns to keep things a bit minimalistic. You can therefore choose the tire based on your personal preferences.

Customer Evaluation

Goodyear Duratrac tires have a mileage of at least 50,000 kilometers, and Toyo AT3 tires have a mileage of up to 65,000 kilometers.

Duratrac’s less durability is due to its aggressive design, and its tread wears off earlier (relatively).

Price difference of Duratrac Vs Toyo AT3

Goodyear Duratrac tires are more expensive than Toyo AT3 tires. Toyo AT3 might be a better choice if you want to use the tire on-road. Alternatively, if you are specifically looking for a tire set for off-road use, then Goodyear Duratrac can be a good option.

Final Thoughts on Duratrac Vs Toyo AT3

You should keep the following points in mind before purchasing.

  • The grooves on Duratrac are much deeper than those on Toyo AT3 and provide more channeling
  • Moreover, Duratrac’s deeper grooves help the tire to overcome difficulties when driving in soft (muddy) terrains
  • The AT3 is more comfortable than Duratrac since it is less loud
  • Duratrac is preferred by consumers due to its aggressive tread pattern
  • Both tires have a mileage of over 50,000 miles

Video Comparison of Duratrac Vs Toyo AT3

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