What is the Cost of Monster Truck Tires?

Those who have seen monster trucks in action know how astounding they are, especially when it comes to their size and strength.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $1,500 to more than $3,000 per tire, with luxury brands being much more expensive.

Tires for monster trucks are generally more expensive than those for conventional automobiles and trucks. Since they are larger in size, they require a lot more rubber and material in their production due to their size.

Read this article to find out how much they will cost you. The fact that monster truck tires are so large and require such a large financial commitment makes them difficult to obtain. 

Tires for Monster Trucks

Monster Truck tires are called flotation tires since they were originally designed to allow agricultural equipment to float somewhat over wet, muddy fields instead of sinking into them and becoming stuck.

One tire, without the rim, may weigh anywhere from 800-900 lbs; when multiplied by four, tires account for about one-third of the truck’s typical 10,000lbs weight. It is not uncommon for a team to go through eight sets of tires in a single season. A set of tires can cost anywhere from $250 to $7500.

In spite of their size and sturdiness, the tires of the trucks bend significantly under the weight of the trucks. Rarely, the tires bend to the point where the rims of the wheels make contact with the ground for a fraction of a second. In order to counteract this, some drivers over-inflate their tires. On the other hand, this increases the risk of tire blowouts.

Pattern of tread

A monster truck tire’s tread pattern is one of its most distinguishing features. As opposed to monster truck tires, agricultural tires have deep, sharp V-shaped or alternating stripes (depending on the manufacturer) which provide traction in mud or loose dirt without becoming clogged.

This tread is customized by the team for use on monster trucks, generally by removing a portion of the rubber via the process of “cutting.”

Tire cutting, however, is not just for aesthetic reasons, since different tire treads have varying levels of performance, so tire cutting is more than simply aesthetic.

Furthermore, tire cutting is based on the driver’s driving abilities as well as the driving conditions in which the vehicle will be used.

A reduction in overall tread depth, which helps to decrease weight and promote flexibility, as well as rounding the edge of tread along the sidewall, which makes it easier for drivers to bring the truck back up after landing on the edge of the tire after a jump, are the most common modifications implemented. Each tire requires around 50 consecutive hours of continuous work.

How much do monster truck tires cost?

Rubber monster truck tires are often made of high-quality rubber that can withstand the rigors of off-road driving. A monster truck tire’s price will vary based on its manufacturer, size, and design.

Depending on the manufacturer, monster truck tires can cost anywhere from $1500 to more than $3,000 per tire.

In general, more expensive tires are constructed from more durable materials and have superior tread patterns that provide better grip on a wider variety of terrain. In addition, they are extremely large and complex to construct.

The cost of monster truck tires is much higher than that of standard automobile tires. The tires on monster trucks must be stronger and more accurate than those on any other type of vehicle due to their weight of around 10,000 pounds.

The tires of a monster truck are an essential component of the vehicle, and they must be in excellent condition at all times to prevent significant damage. Before buying new tires, it is important to receive a quote from a technician based on the size and type of tire.

What makes monster truck tires so expensive?

Monster truck tires are the most expensive tires on the market. High-quality rubber is used in their construction, making them able to withstand tremendous pressure.

The most prevalent factor contributing to the high cost of these tires is their high quality. Tires for monster trucks must be able to withstand the rigors of long, arduous races and severe pressure without experiencing any serious problems. Depending on their size and tread pattern, these tires can cost as little as $1500 or as much as $3,000.

Monster truck tires are expensive for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, these are not your typical tires. Monster trucks encounter tough terrain and sharp objects on a daily basis in their daily operations, so they’re designed to withstand them.

There is also a scarcity of these tires due to the popularity of monster truck racing. High-quality items are harder to find because they are not mass-produced like regular tires.

Replacement tire providers who specialize in these specialty tires are also hard to find. These kinds of tires can only be manufactured by a few companies, so when an order comes in, it must be completed before the company can move onto the next order.

Tires for monster trucks are designed for rough terrain, and they often withstand conditions that would cause conventional automobile tires to fail.

However, these tough tires are more expensive than standard passenger vehicle tires. Attend a local monster truck exhibition if you’re interested in seeing these tires in action.

What is the best place to buy monster truck tires?

It is difficult to find original monster truck tires. Even if you locate them, they are extremely expensive. Due to their rarity, monster truck enthusiasts must purchase these tires online.

You may also be able to find some previously used monster truck tires in your local region. There may be a little more time involved, but you may also be able to discover them at a lower price this way.

What is the cost of used monster truck tires?

For people who live an active and adventurous lifestyle, monster truck tires are an important investment. Depending on how often you use these tires, they may last for three years or longer if they are maintained correctly.

People often purchase used monster truck tires to save money on the purchase price because they have a long tread life. For used tires, you can expect to pay $500-$800 per tire on average rather than the higher prices associated with brand new tires.

Instead of purchasing a new tire, you may consider purchasing a used one since they are quite tough and their tread typically lasts for many years. As opposed to typical passenger tires, which have a shorter service life.

What is the weight of a monster truck?

When it comes to monster trucks, every conversation begins with the tires.

The tires on monster trucks are 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide. As low-pressure vehicles, they operate on 8 to 10 pounds of pressure and weigh 800 to 900 pounds.

Brands of monster truck tires

BKT brand tires

All Monster Jam trucks have been equipped with BKT tires since 2014. It caused vehicles to easily blow their tires due to the tires’ thinner surface, lower weight, and smoother cut.

BKT, who had never designed tires for monster trucks, reinforced and redesigned their tires to meet the challenges. In spite of these improvements, incorrect stories persist about tire strength and vehicle crash reductions.

Firestone brand tires

In the world of monster truck tires, Firestone is a well-known brand. For better grip, it has a thicker cut. Since the beginning, this brand has been used on most trucks outside of Monster Jam. The Firestone Bigfoot monster truck is a result of Firestone’s long-standing support of Bigfoot.

Goodyear brand tires

Another innovator in monster truck tires is Goodyear. In the early days of monster trucks, it was very popular and influenced many others.

Ukraine brand tires

Ukraine Tires are a popular brand of monster truck tires. Until BKT, most Monster Jam trucks used this tire. A finer cut and sharper corners make Ukraine Tires tougher and more durable.

Final thoughts on Cost of Monster Truck Tires

Big treads on monster truck tires provide grip on mud and sand, among other surfaces. As well as off-road racing contests that take place on steep slopes and fast speeds, such as rally racing, these tires can also be used for off-road racing. 

 A set of four tires can cost anywhere from $1,500 to more than $3,000, depending on the product.

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