Cooper Discoverer AT3 Vs Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 (Comparison 2023)

Are You Worried About Which one is the Best Cooper Discoverer AT3 Vs Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10? With all-terrain tires, you can drive off-road without worrying about damaging your vehicle.

AT tires are specially designed to cope with rough surfaces, but there are some cons as well.

In order to achieve better performance features, some comfort features must be sacrificed.

While AT tires have enhanced traction, hydroplane resistance, and better treadwear, they reduce ride comfort and reduce noise at the same time.

Let’s get into the details. Don’t forget to check out the Hankook Dynapro and other family members as well.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Vs Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

Since 1914, Cooper has manufactured high-end tires. Having an undaunting ability to be meticulous about designs, quality, stability, and general quality is something that has helped them win numerous awards. Cooper produces both premium and budget-friendly tires.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Vs Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 Comparison
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Cooper claims their discoverer at3 is their best product yet.

Cooper discoverer AT3 is designed for pickup trucks, SUVs, and crossovers that can adapt rapidly to road conditions according to the situation. Performance and style are combined to provide year-round traction.

As the world’s 7th largest tire manufacturer, Hankook is a highly regarded South Korean brand.

As a result of its involvement in motorsports, Hankook has become synonymous with great quality tires that have been developed with a racing Pedi, and as a result, Hankook has become synonymous with great quality tires developed with a racing Pedi.

In addition to being approved by average drivers and auto enthusiasts who expect tires to perform above and beyond the capabilities of an average tire, Hankook is committed to unwavering sustainability and continuous innovation.

Designed for SUVs, light trucks, and vans, the AT-M is Hankook’s best all-terrain grip and acceleration tire.

In order to determine which tire is the best, we tested both tires according to our standards.

Comparison of dry traction:

Both tires were tested for their dry braking distance. When a vehicle applies the brakes, it decelerates from 100/80 to 0 in dry braking.

At3 provides excellent dry traction thanks to adaptive-traction technology TM. Adaptive traction technology, as the name suggests, adapts continuously to the road to provide you with exceptional traction over gravel, asphalt, and tarmac.

Dynapro ATM RF10 has been extensively researched by Hankook. ATM RF10 combines performance with style thanks to its aggressive sharp edge tread pattern.

Through its RF10 compound in the tread, it provides excellent traction on dry surfaces by increasing the adhesion forces between the tire and the road.

As for dry braking, Dynapro has the lead with a distance of 28 m, whereas AT3 has a distance of 28.45 m.

Traction in wet conditions:

Tire traction is also used to measure grip on wet pavement. Wet traction tests evaluate many of the same variables, but tread design is the most important.

Cooper’s durable-tread technology combined with shred-resistant silica provides enhanced traction over wet surfaces, making it safer to ride.

The Dynapro, on the other hand, has zigzag block edges that provide superior traction on wet surfaces. In order to prevent loss of traction, the wave sipes remove slush and water from between the tread.

AT3 led with a wet braking distance of 19.8 meters. The ATM RF10, on the other hand, had a wet braking distance of 20.45 meters

Traction on snow:

Any all-terrain tire must have good snow traction. For exceptional snow traction, Cooper AT3s feature snow groove technology and saw tooth block edges. The Cooper AT3 has reduced the braking distance by 15 meters.

The ATM RF10’s tiered side grooves and scallop grooves within the tread tend to increase biting edges for winter traction. With a wraparound tread design, it provides enhanced traction in the snow as well as a rugged appearance.

With M+S tire classification and 3-peak Mountain SnowFlake, ATM RF10 is a better choice for snowy conditions.

In spite of the extra longitudinal snow traction that non-winter tires with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol can provide over all-season tires without the symbol, they cannot match the capacity of a real winter tire under all extreme weather conditions.

Comfort of ride and noise level:

In categorizing tires, noise reduction is an important factor. The AT3’s tread design makes it a lot more civilized on the highway.

On-road, AT3 provides exceptional noise reduction, but off-road, the noise reduction is somewhat disappointing due to whispering grooves TM.

Even though ATM RF10 doesn’t possess any specific technology yet we found the tire to be surprisingly quiet. As opposed to Cooper AT3, The Dynapro ATM RF10 is quieter off-road and noisier on the highway.

The hydroplaning effect:

Simply put, hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water forms between the tire surface and the road surface, causing the vehicle to lose traction and cease responding to control inputs.

Discoverer AT3 and Dynapro are tied for the top spot when it comes to hydroplanes.

The zigzag block edges provide superior traction on wet pavements. In order to prevent traction loss, the wave sipes remove slush and water from between the treads.

As a result of the wide angled side grooves, Dynapro tends to evacuate water and mud from between the treads. On wet roads, the wave sipes and zigzag block edges provide excellent traction.

With four Aqua VacTM Channels, the Cooper discoverer AT3 prevents hydroplaning by rapidly evacuating slush and water to provide you better traction on wet or muddy terrains, including marshes.

On straight aqua, Discoverer AT3 has an average lateral acceleration of 2.48 m/s2.

Experience with off-road driving:

When it comes to all-terrain tires for SUVs, traction is one of the most important factors. AT tires take a bite out of luxury because they offer a versatile range of actions. You must be willing to sacrifice some comfort when choosing an AT tire.

Cooper discoverer AT3 uses Even Wear Arc TechnologyTM to maintain uniform tread wear without losing off-road traction. The AT3XLT is equipped with rugged traction shoulders that enhance rock crawling and mud traction.

Stone ejectors on Dynapro, on the other hand, remove all the stones and debris, preventing punctures. Designed with a wrap-around design pattern and scallop grooves, Dynapro provides a hassle-free off-road ride.

Dynapro had a dry handling time of 56.1 seconds, a gravel braking distance of 23.83 meters, and a gravel handling time of 81.5 seconds during off-roading.

On the other hand, AT3 gave a dry handling time of 55.91 seconds, a gravel braking distance of 23.35 meters, and a gravel handling time of 81.8 meters.

The tread life is:

In AT3, stone ejection ledges help remove stuck stones, while rugged traction shoulders prevent punctures and abrasions. The first 2/32 inch of tire uniformity is also guaranteed.

During the first 2/32 inches of wear, materials and workmanship are covered for 5 years, including free tire replacement. Cooper prorates the amount for the remaining period or down to 2/32 inches of tread depth.

The Cooper discoverer AT3 is backed by a 60,000-mile warranty.

On the other hand, Dynapro offers a 50,000-mile warranty. Designed to last, Dynapro ATM’s light truck compound is molded into a wide, independent block symmetric tread to promote even wear.

Twin high-strength steel belts reinforce a spirally wrapped nylon cap inside the tire’s interior.

Dynapro is designed with a rim protector and rim cushion to prevent damage to your wheels and side walls. However, this can make the sidewall much stiffer.

Summary of Cooper Discoverer AT3 Vs Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10:

As a result of our performance and comfort tests, Dynapro has the edge when it comes to dry traction, off-road drive, treadwear, and snow traction. The AT3 is the best in terms of ride comfort, wet traction, and hydroplane resistance.

Both tires focus on different aspects of performance, so declaring one tire superior would be unfair. A Discoverer AT3 is a great choice if comfort is important to you. Dynapro is the best choice if you prefer performance over comfort.

Video Comparison of Cooper Discoverer AT3 Vs Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

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