Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3 Comparison in 2023 (Latest)

We Compare Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3. Our cars roll on tires above the road on various terrains, making them one of the most important factors to consider when it’s time to replace the set.

The Cooper AT3 and the Toyo AT3 make good choices for owners who drive on different terrains because the two are designed for the application and many like their performance.

Before you decide to purchase one of these tires, do check what they can offer below.

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Types of tires

The tire is one of the most important parts of a car, because while technically we could drive it with only the rims, it would be ridiculous and it would be a matter of time before it stopped moving.

Choosing a new tire set is just as important as choosing a new running shoe when it comes to the drive and how well the vehicle can handle different terrains. A lot of tires or the stock one will suffice for most cars driven in the city.

However, different cars and different people may have different lifestyles or activities they do with their cars, so there are different tire types to choose from. In general, performance tires, all-terrain tires, and snow tires are commonly used.

Since the all-season and performance tires have similar applications within the city, the performance tire may also cover the all-season. Depending on the model, performance tires are best for smooth roads and provide proper traction for summer or all-season driving.

As long as you don’t live in a severe winter area, performance tires are very popular because they are convenient for year-round use. In addition to being the most comfortable and fuel-efficient, they offer good traction in wet and dry conditions.

Those tires that can handle off-road situations and offer better traction when you’re exploring are classified as all-terrain tires. They are generally tougher, but are less efficient on the road, and in most cases, they will wear faster as well.

The last type of tire is the winter or snow tire, which is specifically designed for winter, snow or slush as well as ice traction. In addition to regular snow tires that have a chunky tread pattern for the condition and are not studded, there are also models that can be equipped with studs for better traction on slush or ice.

Note that this model accepts metal studs, but some states forbid them, so be sure to check the law first.

It’s best to choose a tire that is the most suitable for your vehicle and what it’s mostly driven on. However, performance tires and all-terrain tires are the most versatile, so they can be used for any season, but for those who will be driving off the road, the latter will be the best choice. Alternatively, if you are only driving in the city, the performance tire is a better choice.

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About the Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3

We assume that you have found the right type of tire for your application and it is an all-terrain tire. In comparison with other types of tires, they are the most versatile and convenient, and are also reliable for use on a wide range of terrains and weather conditions.

However, they also tend to last for fewer years, so it is important to keep in mind that we may need to change them faster than vehicles that are only driven on the road.

In order to choose the best tire, it is better to shop from known brands because they are more reliable and for the options, you can find many of them on the market. Cooper and Toyo are two good options to choose from because they are very popular and if you have used one of their models before, we are sure you have been satisfied with their performance. Both brands offer various models, however, so you can choose freely.

Cooper AT3 and Toyo AT3 are two ideal options for those driving their vehicle on and off the road. While Discoverer AT3 and Open Country AT3 are different models from different companies, they are used for the same purpose. For Discoverer, we are going to discuss the XLT variant since there are other models from the line such as Snow Claw, LT, and 4S.

Cooper AT3 and Toyo AT3 are both light-truck tires for the same application and are equally popular. In addition to being able to run on various different terrains, they’re also convenient for daily driving. Performance-wise, they’re popular because of their versatility, but we think they’re reliable for adventurers as well. Overall, most users appear to be satisfied after installing these tires, and you may also have the same experience.

Features of the Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3

Let’s see what these tires can offer first and starting with Cooper Discoverer AT3, this model boasts a shred-resistant silica compound and all-terrain tread pattern.

The Even Wear Arc Technology optimizes the shape of the footprint and balances the tire against the contact patch, helping to improve handling and tread wear. The Whisper Grooves between the outboard tread blocks will also reduce noise while driving.

Stone ejector ledges prevent punctures caused by drilling stones, while the rugged traction shoulders have alternating scoop and cleat lugs to grip rock, soil, or mud. There are deep circumferential channels and wide lateral notches to prevent hydroplaning. Additionally, multiple zigzag sipes on the tread blocks will create the biting edges needed for slippery roads.

As for Toyo Open Country AT3, this is a fairly new tire from the company and is a redesigned version of the AT2 we’ve previously discussed in Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs Toyo Open Country AT2 with notable differences on tread width and design.

A chip-resistant compound is combined with a symmetrical tread pattern to distribute the void area evenly. For driving on unruly terrain, this interesting pattern increases block rigidity and enhances off-road traction.

For better wet traction, the Open Country AT3 features 3D Multi-Wave Sipes, while generous lateral grooves will reduce the chance of hydroplaning and provide more traction when driving in the winter.

Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3 on the road

For the most important part, the performance itself, Cooper AT3 and Toyo AT3 are actually excellent tires to invest in. Both of them work really well in both worlds without being exceptional in either one of them.

When it comes to on-road traction, they are what you want if you are looking for a comfortable ride and reliable traction. Cornering and braking do not become a problem even when the road is wet, while the rainy season is quite concerning in general.

As a result, the AT3 from Toyo is just a little bit better at cornering and stability, as well as in terms of drive comfort. We don’t hear any annoying sounds from them on the road, but none of them will be as quiet as your performance tire.

Off-Road of Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3

Off-road performance is also the same because the tread design performs well even in loose soil. As long as you don’t stay in the mud for too long, they can pull you away from a small pool of mud as long as they’re not as powerful as dedicated mud tires.

When it comes to gravel, there is sufficient traction and biting edges to keep you going. The treadwear also seems good, but the Open Country seems to have a longer lasting compound.

As far as how well they work on snow, they are similar to most all-terrain vehicles; good, but not exceptional. In comparison, the sipes and biting edges of AT3, in this XLT model, appear to provide better stability when you drive on a cold road, but the latter is not bad either. Also, only Toyo offers tires with a 3PMSF rating, so if you live in a place with severe winters, this model could be a good choice.

Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3

Those who drive on and off the road can benefit from these tires. It is difficult to choose between the two as they are both very similar and equally reliable for different conditions, including snow. Comparatively, the Open Country AT3 performs better as a daily driver and weekend adventure vehicle, while the Cooper is better on snow. Toyo offers tires that have passed the 3PMSF rating, however.

Cooper AT3 Toyo AT3
– Better on snow – Slightly better performance
– Slightly less on road  – Not as amazing on snow
– No 3PMSF rating

Up to E load

– Has 3PMSF rating
– Up to E load – Up to F load


Video Comparison of Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3

Final thoughts on Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3

We think you’ll like both tires, as their performance is very similar. If you are willing to add more, Toyo AT3 is a better option and still quite affordable for what it can offer.

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