Bridges tone Turanza Serenity Plus Vs Turanza Quiet Track (Latest 2023)

Bridges tone Turanza Serenity Plus Vs Turanza Quiet Track are both touring tires. Serenity Plus is the successor to Serenity, which had been popular for years.

The Quiet Track replaced the Turanza Serenity plus due to its latest technological advancements.

It is the largest manufacturer of tires in this current era, and it has proven to be one of the best with its technological advancements. Bridges tone was founded over 90 years ago.

Comparison of Bridges tone Turanza Serenity Plus and Turanza Quiet Track

With its latest advancements in tire technology, Bridges tone Turanza Serenity Plus is undoubtedly one of the best touring tires on the market.

Featuring asymmetric tread blocks and high angle grooves, it is built with nano-tech rubber. High-end features of this tire include a quiet, comfortable ride, outstanding grip on wet surfaces, and a decrease in tread wear and tear.

The tire is designed for on-road use, but can also be used on dirt and light snow. Due to its narrow grooves, its performance is minimal in these terrains.

Turanza Quiet has better wet and snow traction than Serenity Plus, making it even more advanced than its competitor.

For improved handling and grip, it features rounded tread blocks with full-depth grooves for high wet and snow traction. The steering is also enhanced by 3D full-depth sipes.

Despite these characteristics, it is not nearly as good as a snow-rated tire, since it is designed for all-season use year-round. Due to its newly added unique features, Quiet Track performs unquestionably better.

Comparison of traction 

It is the traction of a tire that determines its real value. Because of the deep and high angled grooves that are present in an asymmetrical pattern on the Serenity Plus, it has great traction on dry and wet surfaces.

The combination of middle grooves and shoulder sipes ensures that it keeps its ground on wet surfaces by providing efficient hydroplaning through the unique design, enabling it to pass water through it more efficiently.

This tire contains a silica compound that improves traction on wet surfaces by making the tread compound more flexible and enabling it to hold water in its grooves to a greater extent. Furthermore, it has a wide tread pattern in its blocks that provides a larger surface area for gripping dry surfaces and moving with lower rolling resistance.

Due to the 3-D Sub-Surface Platform present in the Serenity Plus, it also possesses some snow traction, giving it a biting edge grip on snow, which enables it to effectively move through it.

Turanza Quiet Track also has outstanding traction on both dry and wet surfaces, thanks to its unique characteristics.

The wide asymmetric tread pattern gives it a large bearing face, increasing its stability and grip on dry surfaces.

Additionally, its round tread pattern, deep grooves and open shoulder block enable it to evacuate water with greater efficiency and maintain its grip on wet grounds even better than the Serenity plus.

With its interlocking grooves and full sipes, the Quiet Track provides better traction on snow than the Serenity plus, allowing it to grab and throw snow more effectively. Due to its unparalleled features, the Quiet Track leads the way in terms of traction.

Durability and tread-wear

Choosing a tire with greater tread-wear and durability is always an important consideration. Serenity Plus has an excellent tread-wear because of its wide tread pattern, which allows it to sit well on the ground and reduce its wear by reducing rolling resistance.

Additionally, its compound material contains two amazing technologies known as NANOPRO-TECH and PROPRIETARY POLYMER TECH that take its rolling resistance to an entirely new level and ensure an even better tread-wear, which increases its life span and durability.

The Quiet Track also has amazing tread wear and endurance. This tire features a full-depth tread pattern designed to provide maximum contact with the ground and reduce rolling resistance, thus reducing the tire’s wear and tear.

It also contains 3D full-depth sipes on its ribs that also contribute to reducing tread-wear and improving tire performance. With this unique feature, it stands out more than the Serenity plus, making it more durable.

It’s comfortable

Touring tires such as the Serenity Plus and Quiet Track are always built with comfort in mind. The company always strives to provide its customers with a refined and comfortable experience.

In order to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, the Serenity plus has a wide tread pattern that makes substantial contact with the road.

There are resonance noise attenuated silencer deep grooves that reduce noise dramatically, along with continuous centre ribs that provide unmatched steering and stability. As a result, it is one of the quietest and most comfortable tires in its class.

In terms of comfort and stability, the Quiet Track doesn’t disappoint. With the Quiet Track, you get the new Comfort Cruise technology, which utilises a rounded contact tread pattern and an optimised tire casing shape to provide more surface area to adhere to the road, which results in greater durability and comfort.

Quiet Track Technology is incorporated into the tire, which is why it is named after this feature. It gives it exceptional noise damping abilities and promotes a quieter rider by its specially designed deep grooves that exhibit air cancellation while combating the air resistance it encounters directly. 

Evaluation of customer satisfaction

Every manufacturer priorities the user experience, and Bridges tone has always met its customers’ expectations. Turanza Serenity Plus offers a comfortable ride with maximum noise suppression.

It has good performance on wet roads and a good grip on soft snow. It can run up to 80000 miles efficiently, leaving its customers satisfied with its durability.

Its users acknowledge the Turanza Quiet Track even more than the Serenity Plus. In addition to delivering a smooth, comfortable, and silent ride, it has a greater performance in wet conditions and a greater grip on soft snow.

Additionally, it lasts up to 80000 miles without any problems.


Despite being the same type of tire, the Serenity Plus and Quiet Track have different looks. The Serenity Plus features an asymmetrical tread pattern, consisting of two separate tread blocks, one thin stripe and the other wider. It gives it a unique and captivating appearance.

In contrast, The Quiet Track has an asymmetrical tread pattern, but the tread pattern on the half side of the tire is inverted, giving the tire a decent appearance. While both tires have a distinctive look, the Serenity Plus stands out more because of its unique design.

The price

Turanza Serenity Plus and Quiet Track are both top-quality touring tires made by the same company.

As a result, it’s not surprising that their prices differ just a little bit. Despite being more expensive than Serenity Plus, Quiet Track’s newly added features make it a reasonable choice. Serenity Plus performs almost as well as Quiet Track at a lower price.

Final thoughts

  • Both the Turanza Serenity Plus and Quiet Track are touring tires designed to provide a reliable, durable, and comfortable ride.
  • A Quiet Track performs exceptionally better than a Serenity Plus when it comes to snow traction.
  • Serenity Plus has better tread wear than Quiet Track.
  • There is no doubt that both tires provide the most comfortable ride with amazing noise dampening capabilities.
  • As a result of their distinctive characteristics, both tires are among the most durable in their class.

Video Comparison of Bridges tone Turanza Serenity Plus Vs Turanza Quiet Track

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