BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX (2023 Update)

Do You Want to know which one is best from BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX? If a vehicle has to travel both on and off-road, it should have top-notch quality all-terrain tires. And both of these all-terrain tires are one of the best options to look out for.

But one of them offers better off-road experience and the other, on-road.

Let’s find out which one of these is the most suitable choice according to your needs.

General Grabber ATX

General Grabber tires were founded in Akron, Ohio, in the early 1900s. General Grabber has always been eager to innovate and drive the industry forward, so much so that the company was bought by Continental in 1987.

Due to the great value for money, the General Grabber ATX tire has caught the attention of many truck drivers around the country. ATX tires are designed to deliver industry-leading levels of traction on a variety of surfaces without being overly expensive.

Additionally, the General Grabber ATX tire is also 3PMSF-rated, which means that it provides excellent deep snow driving performance.

General Grabber explained that the ATX tire was designed to be all things to all men in order for the company to maximize the versatility of the tire while also making it comfortable to use on a daily basis. The ATX tire is more than capable of cushioning road imperfections and potholes.

BF Goodrich KO2

The BF Goodrich tire company has been making tires since the 1870s, which means they know a thing or two about creating a good tire. When it comes to all-terrain tires, BF Goodrich is one of the most popular brands, if not the most popular.

Few all-terrain tires are as well-known and well documented as the BF Goodrich KO2. This is the tire against which all other all-terrain tires are measured.

While BF Goodrich’s KO2 line of tires has been around for a while, the KO2 is a culmination of all the qualities found with the previous generation, along with many other benefits associated with the modern tire industry.

Therefore, the KO2 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new set of all-terrain tires for a truck, SUV, or CUV. It is a well-known, well-designed tire that can not only compete with more expensive all-terrain tires but also easily beat them in many categories.

Comparison BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX tread patterns

In addition to KO2, BFGoodrich continuously produces tires that satisfy its customers on all types of terrains. KO2 is a remarkable tire. Both on and off-road, it provides excellent traction thanks to its deep but small grooves. As a result of the tread design, the vehicle has a stable grip, and the ride is smoother.

…but on the other hand…

The General Grabber ATX is another great tire. Compared to KO2, it has larger but closer tread blocks. To maintain the highest level of traction on sandy, dirty or wet surfaces, the grooves are thinner but deep. Grabber ATX is made of the hardest possible material, making it more suitable for harsh beds.

General Grabber ATX Tires: What Are Their Benefits?

In addition to its great performance, the General Grabber ATX tire is designed to offer great performance in a wide range of driving environments. Thus, the ATX tire is rated 3PMSF, which means it is much better than the regular M+S tire. In addition, the ATX is made out of a special rubber compound that can remain flexible even at extremely low temperatures.

The General Grabber ATX tires come in 54 different sizes, so it’s easy to find the dimensions that fit your truck perfectly. Even with such high credentials for off-roading, General Graber has also made sure to use its proprietary StabiliTread technology to maximize drivability on the road as well.

With the GG Comfort Balance Technology, this further softens the tire and makes it more compliant over rough surfaces.

In case you are concerned about damaging your tires over rough terrain, the company has also included DuraGen technology, which essentially strengthens the tire and makes it a lot more durable and long-lasting.

As a whole, the ATX is a tire designed to offer benefits in all driving conditions. With long-lasting treadwear and off-road performance that leads the industry, you will likely be surprised at how well-rounded these tires are.

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What Are The Benefits Of BF Goodrich KO2 Tires?

Most all-terrain tire enthusiasts know that the BF Goodrich KO series of tires is the gold standard among all-terrain tires. The second generation of the KO tire, the KO2, offers better traction both on- and off-road and is more stable, longer-lasting, and has a longer treadwear warranty.

KO2 tires feature a variety of technological solutions to increase their performance and keep them safe in any environment.

The Deflection Design technology is intended to prevent stones and dirt particles from getting stuck between the grooves of the tire. In addition, this technology also deflects water, which means that the chances of aquaplaning are greatly reduced.

KO2 tires feature a 20% stronger sidewall and an interlocking tread pattern that enhances traction and durability. KO2 is also a 3PMSF-rated tire, which means that you do not need to buy a separate set of snow tires, even if there is a lot of snow during the winter.

In conclusion, there isn’t much more to say about the BF Goodrich KO2 as they are even better than the already impressive first generation.

What Are The Main Differences Between BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX?

Even though both of these tires are known as some of the best all-terrain tires, they are not the same. We will compare them in various situations, including on-road driving, off-road driving, treadwear, comfort, snow driving, warranty coverage, and price.

We will list all the benefits of each, and why you should choose one over the other. Regardless of which one of these wins, it is likely that the other will be almost as good.

Comparison of traction

In terms of highway traction, General Grabber is the winner as it has smaller incisions compared to KO2, while the blocks are also smaller, so more of the tire is in contact with the ground. As a result, traction is improved.

Additionally, KO2 is good for highways since it has more minor grooves and fewer gaps in between.

Off-road, the KO2 is better as it has larger grooves that help the tire grip rocks and muddy areas as nothing gets stuck in between, and it keeps going.

Because the grooves are shallow and deep, sand and water pass through, and the tire always remains on the ground, resulting in greater traction. Additionally, the General Grabber ATX has deep grooves that allow particles to pass between them, allowing the tire to keep going.

Comparison of comfort

BFGoodrich KO2 tires are sleek and comfortable to ride. There are more spaces between the blocks than on the General Grabber ATX. These spaces make the ride smoother, as it feels like a lesser inflated tire. As a suspension, the tire absorbs most of the jerks on its own.

The Grabber ATX is also a good ride, but not as comfortable as the KO2. The Grabber ATX is made of tough and strong material, so because of its hardness, it does not feel soft. It also has tiny grooves that make the tire even harder.

The Off-Road Comparison

While all-terrain tires can be used for off-roading, if most of your driving is on rough terrain, you may want to consider mud-terrain tires. All-terrain tires should only be used thirty percent of the time for off-roading, and the rest should be on the road.


Off-road tires with prominent grooves and rigid material perform well. KO2 has larger tracks compared to General Grabber ATX, so it is considered better. As the gaps between blocks tend to bite the rocks, big grooves increase tire grip, keeping the vehicle moving smoothly.


KO2 has deep and extensive grooves that provide traction on snowy terrain. As a result of the deep grooves, the snow always fills them up, and the tire always remains in contact with the ground with solid grip and good acceleration. Additionally, the Grabber ATX has deep grooves that allow snow and water to fit between them, keeping the momentum going.

Durability and Treadwear

There is no competitor to general grabber ATX in terms of durability. Made from very tough material, it will never let its owner down.

The Grabber ATX is made with unique technology; all of its components are powerful, so they will last longer than many other tires, even in harsh terrains.

BFGoodrich KO2 is also a durable tire with a long tread life. As a result of years of research, BFGoodrich developed a tire that is stable, stiff, and durable, known as the KO2.

Noise Level

Both of these tires are suitable for highway travel. The Grabber ATX and KO2 are both good highway tires. The Grabber ATX is slightly louder than the KO2 due to the big grooves that allow more airflow, simultaneously producing more noise.

Because KO2 has fewer tracks and blocks sound, it makes less noise than Grabber ATX. Although KO2 makes less noise, Grabber ATX has no significant difference in loudness.


KO2 has smaller blocks and grooves, and it is less thick compared to general grabber ATX. So because of its small size, this tire gives a more innovative look, and your vehicle becomes sophisticated and beautiful.

General Grabber ATX is a big tire and thicker than KO2. Its grooves and blocks are also more extensive. Overall it provides more of an aggressive look. Your vehicle becomes more attractive to people around it because of notable and dynamic ATX tires.

It entirely depends upon your taste; if you want a smarter look, go for KO2, but if you want your vehicle to look different, then you should probably buy Grabber ATX.

Customer Evaluation

Every product is best known by the review of its users. And the customers of KO2 seem very much satisfied by its on and off-road performance. KO2 performed well on rocky and slippery grounds, and it also gave a quiet and comfortable ride on highways.

General Grabber ATX was also a good performer, according to the riders. It provided terrific traction while off-roading, especially on sandy and snowy areas.

The exciting fact about Grabber ATX is that most customers reported that they didn’t even touch spare tires for driving more than 10000 miles with General Grabber ATX. It shows that this is a solid and durable tire.

Pricing of BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX

The price of General Grabber ATX and BFGoodrich KO2 is almost the same. KO2 needs to be changed after fifty to sixty thousand miles. And as told earlier, Grabber ATX is a highly durable tire, and this point is proven by the 50000 miles warranty policy of the company. These tires can last up to seventy thousand miles without any significant issues. You can choose any of these tires by looking at the stats.

The price of General Grabber ATX and BFGoodrich KO2 is almost the same. KO2 needs to be changed after fifty to sixty thousand miles. And as told earlier, Grabber ATX is a highly durable tire, and this point is proven by the 50000 miles warranty policy of the company.

These tires can last up to seventy thousand miles without any significant issues. You can choose any of these tires by looking at the stats.

Outlines of BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX

Here is a summary for you so it can be easy for you to decide.

  • In terms of traction, both tires perform well. General Grabber is better off-roading while KO2 is better on-road compared to each other.
  • KO2 is the more comfortable tire.
  • No tire can compete with General Grabber ATX in durability and tread life.
  • KO2 produces less noise, while Grabber ATX creates a bit more noise on highways.
  • Customers of both of these tires seem satisfied and recommend them to others.

Final thoughts on BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX

Both the General Grabber ATX and the BF Goodrich KO2 tires are more than capable of satisfying both your on-road and your off-road driving needs.

These indeed tend to differentiate when it comes to specific usage scenarios, but the overall experience is almost identical. Some prefer the looks of the KO2 tire and that is why they are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort.

Others prefer a more comfortable and quiet tire which is why they are sometimes willing to compensate when it comes to off-roading and snow driving.

Hardly anyone out there is going to be able to tell the difference between these two without driving them back to back. As such, no matter which one of these you end up choosing, you are more than likely going to be satisfied with either of them.

Video Comparison of BFGoodrich KO2 VS General Grabber ATX

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