11 Best Jeep Fog Lights to buy in 2023 (Jeep Wrangler)

My hope is that you will agree with me when I’ll say about Best Jeep Fog Lights to buy:

 It is an absolute necessity for every Jeeper to have fog lights.

Since there are so many Jeep aftermarket products on the market, it is hard to find the best Jeep fog lights.

Jeep’s community loves to modify their vehicles, whether it’s tires, bumpers, or radio antennas. We are here to help you choose the right Jeep LED fog lights.

The following is a list of some of the finest fog lights LEDs available on the market today, along with a detailed review of what makes them so popular.

Guide of Best Jeep Fog Lights to buy in 2023

In order to choose the best Jeep fog light for your vehicle, you need to keep a few things in mind.


 A fog light’s average luminous flux is 1500-2000 lumens, and if it is lower than that, then it may not perform as well as you would like. Additionally, they shouldn’t be so bright that they blind other drivers.


Fog lights’ color temperature is very important. Generally, yellow fog lights offer the best visibility to you without causing problems to other drivers.

Lifespan and durability:

Fog lights should also have a long lifespan.  Fog lights with better heat dissipation mechanisms have a longer lifespan than fog lights without them.

Make sure that the fog lights you buy are well-made and have a good heat dissipation mechanism.

Best Jeep Fog Lights to Buy in 2023

Our top picks for Best Jeep Fog Lights to Buy.

Xprite 4 Inch LED Fog Lights Compatible with Jeep Wrangler
9.9/10 Our Score


  • As compared to Jeep’s stock fog lights, they provide better illumination
  • It has a color temperature of 6000K and is super bright
  • These lights have a 50000-hour life-span
  • Designed to withstand all types of weather, they are IP67 waterproof
  • Fog lights are easy to install and come with conversion cables
  • Waterproof IP67 fog lights
  • Installing them is quite simple
  • Brightness is excellent with these lights
  • The lifespan of these devices is 50000 hours
  • There may be flickering, but it can be fixed
  • Jeep Wrangler JL incompatible


Our list of the best jeep fog lights begins with the Xprite 4 inch LED fog light. Many reasons make this product the personal choice of thousands of Jeep LED fog lights customers.

Its popularity among Jeep enthusiasts is primarily due to its affordability and better price-performance ratio compared to its competitors.

These Jeep JK fog lights have excellent build quality, an elegant design, and excellent durability. Therefore, this product is also one of the best-selling Jeep fog lights LEDs. So, let’s take a closer look at how these Jeep fog lights work and what makes them so popular.

Performance and durability:

These Jeep JK replacement fog lights are durable and sturdy, as we mentioned earlier. It has a sealed metal housing that is waterproof according to IP67 standards.

Jeep LED fog lights must be waterproof since we are looking at them. These fog lights LEDs are IP67 certified, which means they are 100% protected against solids such as dust and sand.

Additionally, it is tested to work under a water level of 15 cm to 1 m for at least 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter how much moisture is in the air, they will not break down even in dense fog.

Furthermore, these fog lights LED will not disappoint you when it comes to dust and sand resistance, so you can go offroad without worry.

The Jeep JK replacement fog lights will keep up to your expectations in terms of durability. It doesn’t matter how durable Jeep fog lights LEDs are if they don’t perform well.

However, this is not the case with the Xprite 4 inch LED fog lights. The high-performance CREE LED chips provide much better illumination than the stock Jeep JK LED fog lights.

These 6000K LED fog lights have a lifespan of 50000 hours and a color temperature of 6000K. In terms of durability, these LED fog lights speak for themselves.

Compatibility and installation:

When searching for the best Jeep fog lights, you should always check for their compatibility. Each Jeep wrangler has countless aftermarket bumpers with different styles and configurations. 

It is therefore impossible for just one size or design of Jeep LED fog lights to fit all Jeep Wranglers. If a Jeep LED fog light is incompatible with your Jeep, it is of no use to you, so always check for compatibility before buying one.

The product is compatible with 2007-2018 Jeeps except for the Hard Rock Edition, Jeep Wrangler JK JKU TJ LJ Freedom Edition, Unlimited Hard Rock Edition, Willys Wheeler, Altitude, Dragon Edition, X Sport Utility 2-door, 4-door, Rubicon Sport, and Sahara Edition.

Hard Rock/1oth Anniversary Edition, Jeep Wrangler JL Sport, and Rubicon are not compatible with these LED lights. It takes about half an hour to install these Jeep LED fog lights.

It should be a breeze for you to install aftermarket products into your Jeep if you own one. If you need to make some adjustments to fit correctly, there is no flicker, as with many Jeep fog lights.

These Jeep fog lights are also available in white, amber yellow, and RGB.

Xprite 4″ Inch LED Fog Lights with Halo Ring
9.9/10 Our Score


  • Jeep fog lights can also be replaced with these 4″ DRLs
  • Having a luminous flux of 2800LM/bulb, it is also quite bright
  • For optimal heat dissipation, it is ribbed
  • Additionally, these lights are waterproof and appropriately encapsulated according to IP67 standards
  • Installing the 4′′ LED fog lights with DRL is also straightforward
  • As well as being waterproof, these lights are IP67
  • In order to fix flickering, they have a luminous flux of 2800lm per bulb
  • Their compatibility is excellent
  • Conversion cables are included for convenient installation
  • Halo rings could be of poor quality
    It might be necessary to make some adjustments

Our second product is another 4 inch LED fog light from Xprite. These Jeep JK halo fog lights differ significantly from the ones discussed above.

This difference is that the Xprite 4 inch fog lights that we discussed above are fog lights designed to improve visibility in dense fog.

Jeep halo fog lights, however, are daytime running lights. As a replacement for headlights, DRLs are too dim to illuminate the road ahead of you.

In foggy or rainy weather, DRLs make you more visible to other drivers.

Its literal abbreviation is Daytime Running Lights, which explains its purpose clearly. Let’s take a closer look at this Halo Ring DRL by Xprite.

Quality of illumination and build:

These halo ring DRL fog lights emit 2800 lumens of light. We are talking about Daytime Running Lights here.

The luminous flux of these lights is still significantly higher than the average Jeep fog light, whose luminous flux is around 1000-2000 lumens.

Similar to the Xprite 4′′ LED fog lights discussed above, these LED fog lights have a color temperature of 6000K and a lifespan of 50000 hours.

In addition to being IP67 waterproof, these halo ring DRLs are also durable. The build quality of both devices is the same, and they come from the same manufacturer.

Compatible and Halo Rings:

The DRLs are compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU (excluding the Hard Rock Edition), Freedom Edition, Rubicon Sport, Unlimited Hard Rock Edition, Dragon Edition, X Sport Utility, Sahara, Altitude, and Willys Wheeler.

From start to finish, the installation is relatively straightforward. Jeep owners should have no trouble with it. With conversion adapter wires, these Jeep JK halo fog lights are more or less plug-and-play.

Due to the reversed wire issue, you might need to turn the plug upside down if the lights flicker. Furthermore, these DRL fog lights are available in five different halo ring colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your Jeep.

Vouke 4 inches Led Fog Lights with Halo Ring for Wrangler JK
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Jeep Wrangler models 1997-2018 are compatible with the Vouke 4 inch LED fog lights
  • With a source of 30W, they are bright and provide a great driving experience in fog
  • Vouke LED fog lights are SAE and E-mark compliant
  • Dust- and shock-resistant fog lights
  • These lights have a color temperature of 6000K and a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • SAE and E-Mark approvals are available
  • The lifespan of the device is 50000 hours
  • Their compatibility is excellent
  • Fog lights for Jeep Wrangler JL are excellent alternatives
  • While these are on, the radio may be staticky
  • Fits 2004 Jeep Wrangler JK but may not fit other models

The 3rd best halo ring LED fog lights for Jeep Wrangler JK are manufactured by Vouke and are compatible with a wider variety of Jeep vehicles.

The Fog lights are not as bright as the Xprite 4 inch fog light, but they are still bright enough to serve as a good DRL.

Vouke 4′′ universal LED fog lights are a customer favorite because of their low price and excellent compatibility. Let us give you a more detailed review of why Jeep enthusiasts love these LED fog lights.

Approved by SAE/E-MARK:

Vouke’s 4 inch Jeep Wrangler bumper fog lights are SAE and E-Mark certified. While off-road lighting is crucial, it is equally important for the same lighting to be usable on roads if you are not a frequent off-roader.

Off-road lighting should be safe and legal for on-road use. In addition to meeting some durability and color temperature expectations, SAE-approved LEDs are permitted on roads.

6000K and 50000 hours, respectively, are the color temperature and lifespan of these Jeep Wrangler bumper fog lights.

They are also E-mark approved, which means that they take the appropriate wattage to be road legal. Powered by 12-23V, the Vouke 4-inch LEDs have a wattage of 30W each.

Compatibility of Halo Ring Fog Lights:

Vouke 4 inch LED fog lights fit almost every Jeep vehicle and many other vehicles as well. As a result, they are considered to be among the best fog lights.

The Jeep Wrangler 2-door and 4-door JK, Freedom Edition, Willys Wheeler, Rubicon Sport, Sahara, Dragon Edition, X Sport Utility, Unlimited Hard Rock Edition, 2004-2006 Wrangler LJ Unlimited, 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ, and so many others are compatible with them.

Since there aren’t many fog lights that fit Jeep TJ, finding a fog light bulb can be a hassle. Also, if you are looking for Jeep Wrangler JL LED fog lights, these are excellent options.

Zmoon Led Round Light Bar for Jeep
9.4/10 Our Score


  • With 14000 lumens, these lights are super bright
  • Zmoon LED lights are IP67 waterproof and can withstand rough weather
  • The lights can be mounted on the bumper or the roof of the vehicle
  • A wider viewing area is provided in all directions
  • The heat dissipation design is excellent
  • A highly versatile individual
  • It’s super bright
  • Water-resistant to IP67
  • There is room for improvement in the quality of the lens
  • The light is too bright to be used on the road

Zmoon LED round light bars are slightly different from those discussed above. Unlike the products we have reviewed, these LED round light bars are not designed to fit within the bumper.

Either these are mounted above the bumper or on the Jeep’s roof. If you were looking for such LED fog lights, make sure to read our full review.

Build quality and brightness:

These lights are extremely bright and should only be used off-road, otherwise they could blind oncoming traffic. Avoid using them on the road.

These LED lights produce 14000 lumens of light, which is exponentially more impressive than the fog LEDs discussed above. These LED lights also have a color temperature of 6000K.

The build quality of these fog lights is excellent. A waterproof die-cast aluminum housing with advanced sealing technology makes these LED fog lights IP67 waterproof.

Since LEDs produce such a tremendous amount of light, they will also heat up very quickly. As a result, the increased surface area of the fog lights ensures an appropriate heat dissipation, extending their lifespan up to 50000 hours.

Compatibility Zmoon Led Light Bar:

Due to the fact that these fog lights are not integrated into the bumper itself, their compatibility is not a problem.

With a few adjustments, it can fit any Jeep, SUV, ATV, UTV, truck, car, or even boat. This is why they are all-around universal LED fog lights and a great option for off-road driving fog lights. 

You can see better in all directions thanks to the fog lights’ tremendous illumination power in foggy weather.

Products we Love:

To help you make the right choice, here are some bonus products.

RP Remarkable Power FL7091 For 2003-2006 Jeep Wrangler
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Jeep Wrangler 2003-2006 is compatible with it
  • Rainy and foggy weather is made safer by these lights
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is included
  • Switch, wiring harness, and two 12V 55W bulbs are included in the package
  • A 55W high-power bulb is included
  • Trustworthy
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Professional installation is required
  • Instructions are not included
Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.4/10 Our Score


  • DOT-approved fog lights by Galvor
  • Galvor LED fog lights offer 1600 lumens
  • Additionally, these fog lights are waterproof and durable according to IP67 standards
  • An exclusive breather on the back prevents fogging
  • A durable aluminum housing and excellent heat dissipation make these lights ideal for outdoor use
  • DOT-certified
  • Waterproof according to IP67
  • Bright 30W/1600 lumen bulbs are included
  • There may be differences in the colors of the lights
Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Philips LEDs surround a white halo ring on these fog lights
  • OVOTOR fog lamps are three times brighter than Jeep fog lights
  • 99% of the light can pass through the PMMA lens and the great PC cover
  • A 12-month warranty is included with these fog lights
  • Jeep Wrangler JK JKU 2007-2018 are compatible with OVOTOR 20W fog lights
  • LEDs are of high quality from Philips
  • PMMA lens of excellent quality
  • Low glare, high brightness
  • Waterproofing could be improved
Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver New
9.4/10 Our Score


  • DOT and E-Mark approvals are provided for these lights
  • Furthermore, they are equipped with an anti-flicker EMC function
  • Fog lights emit 1800 lumens
  • Jeep Wrangler 1997-2017 fog lights
  • Installation instructions are included with these LX-LIGHT fog lights
  • There are no flickering issues with it
  • Water-resistant to IP67
  • Bulb quality 30W/1880 lumens
  • Installing is a little tricky
LX-LIGHT 4 Inch 60W Cree LED Fog Light with EMC
9.4/10 Our Score


  • You can install these lights in 5-10 minutes and they are easy to install
  • With their upgraded design, they do not flicker like older Jeep fog lights did
  • Additionally, these lights are waterproof according to IP67
  • Jeep Wrangler JK JKU TL LJ is compatible with the LX-Light fog light
  • Approved by the DOT and E-MARK
  • A color temperature of 6000K and a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • Compatibility is excellent
  • There is a problem with the housing seal
  • It would be better if the connections were better
SUNPIE 4-inch RGBW Halo LED Fog Lights
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Fits 1997-2018 Jeep Wranglers
  • Approved by DOT and SAE
  • LED fog lights have a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • 6000K is their color temperature
  • A one-year warranty is included with these LED fog lights
  • Durable, shockproof, and dustproof
  • Fog lights with RGBW colors
  • The brightness is excellent
  • One-year warranty and free replacements
  • After some time, it might go dim
ONLINE LED STORE 4″ LED Fog Lights Replacement for Jeep Wrangler
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Waterproof IP67 fog lights
  • They produce 2880 lumens and have a color temperature of 6500K.
  • A vertical heatsink is used to dissipate excess heat from these lights.
  • LED fog lights are fairly easy to install
  • 2880 lumens of white light at 6500K
    Reliable in every way
    Installs easily
  • Light is emitted from them in a very narrow beam

Get your favorite Jeep fog lights and drive safely. Have a great drive!

Final Thoughts:

We have concluded our article on the best Jeep fog lights LED. We hope that the information we provided was useful to you and that you were able to select the best Jeep fog lights.

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